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Considering Memory Stick™

What are its special features?

Memory Stick PRO Advantages

Memory Stick PRO Memory Stick PRO Duo

This advanced format, jointly developed by Sony and Sandisk, provides expandability that makes possible a wide range of new-generation applications.

The Three Memory Stick PRO Concepts

Progressive : Advanced functions suitable for the broadband era.
Professional : Performance and reliability that enable advanced application
Protection : Assuring high security of personal data and commercial

Memory Stick PRO™ format enables high-quality, longer-time recording of larger-capacity data. When combined with an appropriate compatible product, the advanced technology and expandability of the media itself greatly expand the horizons of Memory Stick™ enjoyment. For example, Memory Stick PRO™ media enables real-time recording of high-resolution video. It also enables many other progressive solutions for the broadband era in a reliable and secure environment.

* Memory Stick PRO™ media can be used with Memory Stick PRO™ and Memory Stick PRO-HG™ compatible products.

High Capacity

With a theoretical maximum capacity of 32GB specified by the format for the same external dimensions as present media, Memory Stick PRO™ media provides the capacity sufficient for rich broadband content, including high-resolution still images, high-quality music data*1 and MPEG2-compliant, DVD-quality moving images.

User Benefits of High Capacity

  5 Mega Pixel
Video H.264/AVC
4GB 1,559 still images 16 hours 20 minutes 138 hours
128MB 51still images 30 minutes 4 hours 20 minutes

* Actual recordable capacity depends on the data to be recorded, as well as the device used for recording.

Minimum Write Speed

To meet the requirement of high-quality video recording, the minimum write speed has been standardized at 15Mbps. When used with an optimized Memory Stick PRO™-compatible product*, Memory Stick PRO™ media can write at speeds of 15Mbps or higher -- fast enough to record DVD-quality video, which is recorded at 9Mbps. Even if power is interrupted during recording due to battery depletion, etc., data recorded up to that moment is not lost. With this media, users can efficiently and smoothly record massive volumes of data.

* When the write speed of the compatible product is also more than 15Mbps.

Real-Time Recording of DVD-Quality Moving Image

Highly Reliable Security -Content Protection and Data Security-

Memory Stick PRO™ media incorporates an Intelligent Controller to provide compatibility with "MagicGate™" content protection technology and "Access Control Function" (tentative name), as well as future expandability.

MagicGate™ Content Protection Technology
Memory Stick PRO™ media features MagicGate™ technology, allowing users to enjoy content protected media, such as music, moving image, electronic books and games, with compatible products in a secure environment.

Access Control Function (tentative) for Protecting Personal Data

Concept of Access Control Function(Tentative)Tentatively dubbed the "Access Control Function," this personal data protection technology is one of the expanded functions of the Memory Stick PRO™ format and involves new concepts currently under development -- a sophisticated locking device combined with a unique encrypted electronic key. Users will be able to protect their personal data from unauthorized access and falsification by making use of this function, which provides control over access to and recording of data inside the media. When it is necessary for more than one person to access the same data, the key can be duplicated from one locking unit to another.

Features Unique to Memory Stick PRO Duo Media

Designed specially for use in compact and wearable devices for mobile applications. Adopting higher-density, multi-stack technology, Memory Stick PRO Duo™ media is about one-third the volume and half the weight of standard-size media, but offers all the advanced functions of Memory Stick PRO™ media.

Multi Stack Technology

Memory Stick Duo AdaptorBy attaching an adaptor, the media can be used with almost all Memory Stick PRO™ compatible products.

  • * Make sure to use an adaptor when using Memory Stick Duo™ media in products compatible with standard-size Memory Stick™ media. Without the use of the adaptor, it may become difficult to remove the media from the slot.
  • * Some products equipped with a slot compatible with both standard and Duo-size media do not require the adaptor.

* Some products in some categories (PC, PDA) will be able to accept Memory Stick PRO™ media by upgrading firmware or software. (Available advantage is high capacity only.)
* Availability vary by markets.

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