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What are its special features?

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High-speed data transfer

Data transfer speed is one-third*1 less than that of Memory Stick PRO Duo™.
When used with a bundled USB adaptor, write speed of 15MB/s and read speed of 20MB/s is guaranteed.

Supporting high-speed continuous shooting

You can enjoy high-speed continuous shooting on a digital single-lens reflex camera "a" DSLR-A700 or DSLR-A900 with write speed of 15MB/s*1.

* Shooting continuously 5 frames per second, still the number depends on the shooting condition.

USB adaptor bundled

A USB adaptor*2 is included (8-bit parallel transfer compatible) in the package to experience the fast transfer speed on most PC.

*1 Transfer speed varies upon the measurement conditions.
*2 The USB adaptor "MSAC-UAH1" is not a MagicGate™ compliant device.

High-speed continuous shooting made possible by Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX. α700 makes shooting a whole new experience.

α (alpha) DLSR-A700 + Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo™ "HX", this combination offers more comfortable high-speed continuous shooting. Shooting continuously approx. 5 frames per second for approx. 10 seconds and up to approx. 50 shots.
With a shooting speed that never drops, you won't miss capturing the moment you're after.
*Shooting in the JPEG/L/Fine mode
*Exact number of images to be recorded may vary by devices.

Amazing continuous shooting speed! Feel the excitement.

Newly mounted in the α700, a "BIONZ" processing engine. This is the key to the high performance of the α700, allowing data-rich picture information to be processed at high speeds. Combined with Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo™ "HX" they work in concert to maximize their potential, capturing every moment of the moving subject, sharply and beautifully.

  • * The actual speed may differ from the images shown.

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