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Considering a Memory Stick What's a Memory Stick?

An IC recording media designed to record various kinds of digital content on a single stick.

Memory Stick

Memory Stick™ was developed to realize the convenience of recording different types of digital content and sharing and exchanging them among the widest possible variety of products. It is compact, light, reliable and easy to handle. A wide variety of digital content, from photos and computer data to music and moving images, can all be stored on a single stick.

Memory Stick™ also offers a reliable content protection environment so that users can securely record copyrighted content.

Versatile, compatible and user-friendly -- Memory Stick™ is the portable memory of choice for anyone for enjoying digital content anywhere, any time.

* IC recording media is also known as silicon media. Using an Integrated Circuit to store data, IC recording media offer compact high capacity, allow high-speed data read/write and excel in expandability to ensure content protection and the addition of new functions.

An evolving media to meet the needs of broadband environments

Application of memory cards has expanded in recent years from recording and exchange of data to enjoying entertainment content, including still image recording, music recording and playback, recording and carrying moving images delivered on the Internet. At the same time, with higher quality of still and moving images, more versatile applications and advanced technology of memory cards such as high-speed, large capacity data transfer is expected.

In order to meet such needs, Memory Stick™ will go on to expand functionality and evolve with technological innovation to realize more versatile applications.

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