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For USM-SA/CA series users


The "File Manager" app cannot work with Micro Vault USB flash drives on Android™ 6.0 devices because of specification changes in Android™ 6.0. Please use the standard file management functionality of the Android™ 6.0.

Setup for Android™ 6.0 devices:

Insert the Micro Vault into the USB port on the Android™ 6.0 device. After the USB icon appears in the status bar (i.e., top of the screen), pull down the status bar so that "Sony USB drive" is displayed. Tap "Sony USB drive" to display the list of files and folders in the root directory of the Micro Vault.

For WG-C20 users


Because of specification changes in Android™ 6.0, the "File Manager" app cannot access microSD memory cards or USB flash drives attached to the Android™ 6.0 device. Consequently, WG-C20 cannot transfer any files directly to those memory cards or flash drives on the Android™ 6.0 device. The "File Manager", however, can access the internal storage of Android™ 6.0 devices. Therefore, to transfer files to the attached microSD memory card or the USB flash drive, first transfer the files to the internal storage of the Android™ 6.0 device, and then to the memory card or flash drive using the Android™ standard file management functionality.