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More than a hobby.A lifestyle worth having.Memory Stick Micro (M2) changes your mobile phone life and the way you use the web – whether your interest is photos, music, or business.

MUSIC - Walkman Phone

Bring your music with you. The Walkman® Phone.
When you've got a high capacity Memory Stick Micro™, you can fully enjoy music with Walkman® music quality.

Walkman® Phone with Memory Stick Micro™
Compatible models: W200, W300, W580, W610, W660, W710, W880/W888, W908/W910

Walkman® Phone with Memory Stick Duo™
Compatible models: W700, W800, W810, W850, W900

PHOTO - Cyber-shot Phone

With the "Cyber-shot"™ Phone the moment you're after won't get away.
The high-capacity Memory Stick Micro™ captures all your treasured photos with a high-pixel digital camera.

Compatible models: K550/K550im, K770, K790/K800, K810/K818, K850/K858

BUSINESS - Smart Phone

Have your office available wherever you go. Because the high-capacity Memory Stick Micro™ has ample data and document storage capacity, you can confidently enjoy working outside the office.

Compatible models: M600, P1

*Product availability and specifications may vary by market.
*"M2™" is abbreviated "Memory Stick Micro™" format name.

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