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PSP® (PlayStation®Portable)

Any time, anywhere - PSP system.All that's fun and everything that's exciting. Load it on a single Memory Stick.

Load your favorite TV programs on your PSP system
Are your favorite TV programs and downloaded items from the Internet saved on your computer?* When you head out the door with your PSP® system, you're guaranteed to have loads of fun, whether you're waiting for a bus across town or a flight across the country.

* Requires a PC with TV tuner and recording capability.

·Videos must be converted with the appropriate software to be viewed on a PSP® system.
·Product availability may vary by market.


Tired of videos and games? Then listen to some music. That's what you'll love about the PSP® system. Audio is one of its many great features. So don't forget to record your favorite tunes on the Memory Stick™.

Still Images
Load all your digital photographs and favorite pictures onto the Memory Stick™. You can view them whenever you like. And you can also turn your favorite photo into PSP® system wallpaper!

·If you're using "Cyber-shot", you can view your pictures again just by inserting the Memory Stick™ into the PSP® system.

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