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Handycam—because each day is irreplaceable.

Intelligent media applications. Copy to DVD easily.
With a single 16GB Memory Stick™, you can record for approximately 4 hours and 40 minutes in the SP mode. Film without worrying about the time remaining, then immediately copy your favorite scenes to an 8-cm DVD. Make your favorite shots into an album on the spot.

Compatible models*:HDR-UX10, HDR-UX20, DCR-DVD610, DCR-DVD650, DCR-DVD710, DCR-DVD810, DCR-DVD850, DCR-DVD910

*Product availability, features and specifications may vary by market.
*The models sold in Europe do not have this function.

1 Film a video
Record directly onto the Memory Stick™!
2 Select scenes
Select scenes from the video to dub.
3 Dub
Set to 8-cm DVD and press the Dub button.

Dubbing can be done in 3 easy steps

* Dubbing cannot exceed the capacity of the DVD disc.

Ready to use, convenient size.
The lightweight, compact Memory Stick™ "Handycam" is always ready to take high vision videos. Along with your digital camera, it's a must-have for vacations and dates. Carry it with you and give each day the glamour of film.

Compatible models*:HDR-CX12, HDR-TG1, MHS-CM1, MHS-PM1

*Product availability, features and specifications may vary by market.

All the videos stored on the Memory Stick can also be enjoyed on the Web.
Naturally you want to show your videos to everyone! By simply uploading your films and pasting them into your blog you can share your videos with friends and relatives who live far away. A great way to keep grandparents updated!

*Conversions need to be made with the accompanying software.

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