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High Reliability

Secure recording with the adoption of high quality flash and intelligent memory card controller.

Without Wear Leveling With Wear Leveling
Wear Leveling Function
Distributes recorded content/data evenly, utilizing all flash memory cells evenly, to reduce wear due to repeated overwrite cycles, thus maximizing memory card life.
Error occurs in reading data correction occurs resulting in readable data Corrects errors
Error Correction Code (ECC)
In the event errors occur, during writing/reading, this function automatically corrects the errors, thus maintaining the integrity of the recorded data.
Refresh data
Data Refresh Function
Automatically moves data to undamaged block, for safe keeping, prior to that block becoming damaged with the further deterioration of memory cells. The block is then flagged as "damaged" disabling data from being recorded to it, thus preventing subsequent errors from occurring.

Stable recording/playback by Mirroring function (dual recording)

In case of reading errorIn case of writing errorError Rate 1/10,000

Mirroring (Dual recording) function splits the recordable area of the PX series card into two areas enabling user to record content/data to both areas simultaneously. (dual recording)

Even if unexpected damage occurs to content recorded to one area, the content simultaneously recorded to the other area remains undamaged, securing recorded content for playback.

In mirroring mode, the data error ratio caused by defective memory is minimized to less than 1/10,000*, compared to shooting at standard mode giving the user peace-of-mind in critical shooting situations.
* Based on Sony internal testing. The ratio excludes errors caused by shock or inferior memory card controller.

High reliability to meet the demand from professionals

With its strong reliability, the PX series supports stable shooting even in severe environments meeting the most stringent demands of the professional. It is waterproof, dust proof, anti-static and exhibits card durability that is resistant to bending, twisting, and repeated insertions and removal.

Water Proof
PX series is waterproof certified to IEC IPX8 standard. The data in the memory card will not be damaged even if left in the water five meters deep for one hour.
* Remove excess water from memory media before using.
Dust Proof
PX series is dust proof certified to IEC IP5X standard. The data in the memory card will not be damaged if exposed to dust.
* Remove excess dust from memory media before using.

Anti Static
PX series is certified to IEC61000-4-2 standard. The data in the memory card will not be damaged by static due to its Sip structure.
Card Durability
Proven safe, under the durability test (bending, twisting) based on the standard of Memory Stick format. The PX series passes durability testing of 12,000 slot insertions and removals.
* Please check the direction of your memory media upon insertion into the device.

* Above are based on Sony internal testing . Actual performance may vary, depending on environmental conditions and usage.

High Usability

Replacement Notice

PX series users can check when it is time to replace the memory card, as it reaches its limit in overwrite cycles, by using the "Memory Media Utility"

This function prevents users from facing troubles that memory card suddenly stops recording because of reaching to the overwrite cycles.

Secure Access to the risk of important content being accessed by unauthorized users

Secure Access reduces the risk of important content, stored on PX series memory card, from being accessed by unauthorized users if the memory card is lost. Access to the content is possible only with NXCAM* hardware or a PC where the content was previously password protected.
(Users set the Secure Access mode and password using the "Memory Media Utility" software.)

* Prior to setting to this mode, accessible to content is possible using any compatible hardware.

* after setting

Content is accessible from any NXCAM hardware introduced in 2H of FY12 or later, but not accessible from NXCAM hardware introduced in 1H of FY12 or earlier.
accessible from PC where password was entered previously using "Memory Media Utility".

Memory Stick Utility software enables more efficient workflow

Various functions offered by "Memory Media Utility" software contribute to a more efficient workflow for professional users

Work Flow

High-Speed Writing Mode
Increase writing speed up to 2x by switching to this mode
(*when using in this mode, usable capacity will be half that of card capacity.)

Standard Mode
Switches off "Mirroring Mode", allowing users to record longer, up to full capacity.
(In this mode, usable capacity will be double that of "Mirroring Mode".)

Backup Function
Enables users to copy recorded content on a PX series card to 3 locations simultaneously.

Formatting Function
Enables users to format a PX series card quickly, deleting all the content recorded on the card.

Gray color card for better visibility and protective case safe handling

Gray color on the back side gives improved visibility when removing the card from the hardware, when shooting outdoors, at night, or in dark environment.
Memo area for date, name, or event, convenient when managing several memory cards.
The strap is not supplied.
Small, transparent media case with strap hole, protects the card from shock/dust and helps reduce the risk of misplacing the media. It also enables clear identification of memo area without opening the case.

"Memory Media Utility" : Download