FeliCa in Use

ID cards at US universities

Sony has partnered with Blackboard to provide campus solutions using FeliCa-based ID cards and NFC readers. Starting with Santa Clara University, Blackboard has now expanded to introduce FeliCa/NFC infrastructure into more than 365 universities, of which more than 60 also use FeliCa card.

SCU student ID card
Blackboard contactless IC card reader

ID cards for students, faculty, and employees

FCF, a shared usage format of FeliCa for ID cards, has been introduced at 298 universities and other educational institutions and 96 companies and local governments in Japan. A total of 155 companies have joined the FCF Promotion Forum launched in 2004, and each company is providing diverse services. They began offering a new format in 2013, making FeliCa usable on even more systems.

FeliCa Cards/Osaifu-Keitai
for residential access control

Shibutani Co., Ltd offers a keyless entry system enabling residents to lock or unlock doors using FeliCa cards or mobile phones. The e-key system provides high security and reassurance against crime.

Smart Tag enabling efficient and
o-friendly distribution

AIOI SYSTEMS offers Smart Tag combining FeliCa technology with e-paper. Information to display in the form of text or barcodes can be rewritten through NFC communication as needed, streamlining distribution and eliminating the costs of printing labels.