FeliCa Lite-S
Contactless IC Chip


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  • Small & Thin
  • Mutual authentication
  • NFC Type 3 Tag
Technical Information

The FeliCa™ Lite-S: RC-S966 product is a small-size contactless IC chip with streamlined security function and an optimized file system. FeliCa Lite-S can be used for any NFC Forum Type 3 Tag solution, such as handover connection and smart poster, in combination with any NFC device.


Mutual authentication utilizing MAC*1

FeliCa Lite-S has read-access control and write-access control functionality due to the use of MAC to prevent any unauthorized access. The function to generate a MAC on FeliCa Lite-S makes it possible to carry out streamlined mutual authentication between the product and the reader, supporting secure application development.

*1 MAC: Message Authentication Code

NFC Forum Type 3 Tag

FeliCa Lite-S supports Type 3 Tag operation, as defined by the NFC Forum. Therefore, the chip can communicate with standard NFC smartphones and readers. The user memory of 224 bytes is sufficient for most NFC-tag applications and usages.

Several access attributes on a simple file system

The chip uses a simple file structure that has no hierarchical structure. It supports the following access attributes for each user block separately.

  • Read Only Access
  • Read / Write Access
  • Read After Authentication
  • Write After Authentication
  • Write With MAC

Fast transaction speed

The RC-S966 product supports simultaneous 64-byte data-read and simultaneous 16-byte data-write operations, together with a 212 / 424 kbps data-transfer rate.

Anti-tearing transaction function and data integrity-check function

FeliCa Lite-S has anti-tearing transaction functionality to prevent incomplete data update. Even if a data error occurs in the chip, there is CRC data check code for every data block (16 bytes), so the data error can be detected.

A software development kit, SDK for NFC, is available

Software development kit SDK for NFC is available to develop applications for FeliCa Lite-S and Sony NFC readers. The technical documents of FeliCa Lite-S for application development are also downloadable from the website.


NFC handover ID Loyalty program
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc Company ID, Student card, etc Loyalty points, Gift card
Transportation Entertainment
Single-journey ticket Event ticket, Game card


Communication method Conforms to ISO/IEC 18092
(212 kbps / 424 kbps passive communication mode)
Operating frequency / Modulation / Bit coding 13.56 MHz / ASK modulation / Manchester encoding system
Communication speed Supports automatic 212 / 424 kbps switching
Memory size 14 blocks + 1 subtraction block (1 block = 16 bytes)
Card segmentation No
Authentication method between card and reader / writer Streamlined mutual authentication*1 with T-DES
Channel encryption No
Read access control Yes
Write access control Yes
Supported commands Non encryption commands (Polling, Read Without Encryption, Write Without Encryption)
Operating temperature -25°C to +100°C (Quality and reliability are assured when the operating temperature is within the range of -25°C to +85°C.)
Storage temperature -55°C to +125°C

*1 Different from mutual authentication used for FeliCa Standard IC chip

Typical System Layout

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