FeliCa Lite-S Compact Antenna Module



  • Compact and energy-saving
  • NFC Type 3 Tag
  • PAD for an external circuit

The RC-S711 / RC-S712 products are compact antenna modules equipped with a FeliCa™ Lite-S chip compatible with the NFC Forum Type 3 Tag. They are suitable for embedding into consumer digital devices.


The compact antenna modules equipped with a compact and power-saving IC can be set up easily in consumer digital devices. The RC-S711 / RC-S712 modules have a function to detect magnetic fields in contactless communication and then inform the host, so they are well-suited to connection handover to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication with other NFC devices.


Compact and energy-saving design

The RC-S711 / RC-S712 modules are equipped with an energy-saving custom IC chip that operates with a low-strength electromagnetic field.

Compatibility of NFC Forum Type 3 Tag

The RC-S711 / RC-S712 modules support NFC Forum Type 3 Tag operations. Therefore, they can communicate with any reader that is compliant with the NFC Forum specification.
The user memory of 224 bytes is sufficient for most NFC-tag applications and usages.

External PAD for transmission of magnetic field detection signal

The NFC Tag module has a function by which the magnetic field generated by the reader can be detected, and sends a wake-up signal to the host CPU through the wire connected to the external pads.

Mutual authentication function utilizing MAC (Message Authentication Code)

The RC-S711 / RC-S712 modules are equipped with a simple authentication function, unlike the conventional FeliCa chip. By adding a MAC to the data being read, authenticity can be verified by the reader.

Simple file system

Despite the simple non-hierarchical file system structure, two access attributes, including "read-only" or "read-write" of stored data can be set for each data block.

Anti-tearing transaction function and data integrity-check function

This product has anti-tearing transaction functionality to prevent incomplete data update. Even if a data error occurs in the chip, any failed transaction results in the data being replaced by the previously stored data.

Product Specifications

RC-S711 RC-S712
Communication method Supports ISO / IEC 18092 
(212 kbps / 424 kbps Passive communication mode)
Operating frequency 13.56 MHz
Communication speed 212 kbps/ 424 kbps automatically switchable
Communication distance*1
(when using RC-S330 or RC-380)
10 mm*2 10 mm
Operating temperature*3/ humidity range
(under conditions without dew condensation)
-10 〜 +50℃ / 60% RH or less
Storage temperature / humidity range
(under conditions without dew condensation)
-20 〜 +80℃ / 60% RH
Mass Approx. 0.20 g Approx. 0.38 g
External dimensions (W x H) 25.9 mm x 9.0 mm 24.0 mm x 20.0 mm
Module thickness IC part: 0.90 mm, Base part: 0.45 mm

*1 Communication distance depends on the peripheral environment. Under ideal conditions, this value is unaffected by electromagnetic waves or metallic substances.
*2 When the product is equipped with the antenna equivalent of Poller 0 size, which is a jig to evaluate communication characteristics as specified by the NFC Forum, the expected communication characteristics may not be obtained.
*3 Function assurance humidity. For details, please refer to the product specifications.

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