About NFC

Relationship between NFC and FeliCa

The figure above shows the relationship between the different building blocks of the FeliCa technology and open standards.

Each component of FeliCa technology is described in the ISO/IEC communication standards, the NFC Form specifications defining the digital interface and half duplex communication protocol, and in a Japanese Industrial Standard, JIS X 6319-4, that includes additional message formats and commands.

Open-command based applications not using the FeliCa cryptography, such as e-money viewers, can be developed fully using information from publicly available specifications.

An excellent feature of NFC is that it has a modular structure, composed of wireless communication technologies, mode commands, and message formats. It offers very flexible development and at the same time hides the complexity of these technologies, so application developers can easily enter into the NFC business.

You may know that Android - the smartphone operating system from Google - supports NFC since its 2.3 version. Numerous applications using the NFC functionality are available on Google Play. It is remarkable that applications created by everyday developers (such as e-money viewers) are listed on Google Play.

The relationship between NFC and FeliCa can be summarized as follows: NFC-F and FeliCa share the same wireless communication technology, and FeliCa is a contactless IC card operating system based on the open NFC-F standards.