Clear wireless performance up to 100 meters*

  • Multi Interface Shoe
  • External MIC INPUT

Wireless Microphone


  • Wireless transmission from microphone to camera-mounted receiver
  • Multi Interface Shoe compatible
  • Crisp, clear sound from up to approximately 100 meters* away
  • Two-way communication between microphone and receiver
  • Monaural electret condenser capsule
  • Supplied windscreen effectively reduces wind noise

* Approximate line-of-sight distance between transmitter and receiver. Metal objects, people, and other obstructions between transmitter and receiver, as well as prevailing radio conditions, can affect wireless performance.

Supplied accessories
Supplied Accessories
Wind Screen, Carrying Pouch, Arm band, Earphone(2), Earphone Hanger, Connector protect cap
Single Rec: Records only object's voice
Single Rec
Mix Rec: Records voice both object and recorder
Mix Rec

Mono sound from the microphone only is recorded when the mode switch is set to SINGLE. The 5.1ch/MIX and MONO/MIX modes record the microphone sound plus the sound picked up by the microphone built into the receiver, to the center channel when set to 5.1ch/MIC and connected to a camera that has a 5.1ch record mode, or as a mono signal when set to MONO/MIX.

Supplied earphones let you hear each other's voice.
Supplied earphones
Main specifications
Dimension (Approx.) D 19 mm x H 66 mm x D 30 mm
(W 3/4 in x H 2 5/8 in D 1 3/16 in)
Weight (Approx.) 17 g (0.6 oz)
Material ABS
Shoe Type Multi Interface Shoe
Power Supply from Main Unit Multi Interface Shoe
Power supply AAA-size battery (Alkaline / Ni-MH)
Type Electret Condensor Microphone
Mode Monaural
Directivity Non-directional
Frequency response 300Hz to 9,000Hz