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InfiPoints smoothly displays large amount of point cloud data scanned with a 3D laser scanner. It can be used for meetings on maintenance work for actual buildings, plants, large-scale facilities, and heritage assets, as well as for digital exhibitions for the public.

*What’s a Point Cloud?
It‘s data describing the object’s shape with infinite number of points. A device called a “3D laser scanner” emits laser around an object and records the point’s 3D coordinates where it hits the object and bounces back one by one. The points are also colored, and when combined, the object is reproduced in 3D.

*By Using Point Cloud, Spatial Reproduction is Fast―Get Stereoscopic Vision on the Same Day
When reproducing an actual building or a large area in 3D, it usually takes days or even weeks for professionals to create drawings from scratch with CG or CAD. On the other hand, by using a 3D laser scanner and InfiPoints, you can immediately see the realistic 3D data on Spatial Reality Display after half to a day of on-site scanning and half a day of processing with InfiPoints.

*Why InfiPoints can Support Spatial Reality Display?
Point cloud’s data size tends to grow, and it‘s generally difficult to smoothly display large-scale point cloud data obtained by scanning buildings or large areas. InfiPoints solves this problem with Elysium’s unique technology, achieving high-speed display of point cloud.

*Total Support for Point Cloud Data Utilization
To make the point cloud data looking great, it‘s necessary to align multiple scanned data precisely, remove reflected noise, and modify the colors. InfiPoints provides total support for the processes required to handle the point cloud data. In terms of display methods, e.g., you can display only a specific area, or remove the roof of a building to make the interior easier to see.

*Industries that Use InfiPoints
Since its release in 2013, InfiPoints has been used by many general contractors, subcontractors, engineering companies, academic and research institutions in Japan and other countries/areas.
[Some of the Customers]
Toyota Motor Corp., Shutoko Engineering Co. Ltd., Ajinomoto Engineering, Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co. Ltd., Tohoku University, National Institute of Technology-Matsue College, The Museum of Kyoto, etc.

*About Elysium Co. Ltd.
Since the 1980s, when 3D data were starting to be used mainly in the manufacturing industry, Elysium has been consistently developing its own 3D data translation and optimization processing technology for more than 35 years.

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Modèles pris en charge
Recommander la spécification PCMemory/16GB or more | OS/Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, Windows 11 Pro 64-bit | Disk Device/20GB or more free space, SSD is recommended | Graphic/Video card that supports OpenGL (e.g., NVIDIA RTX, GeForce)
Appareil externeGamepad
LangueAnglais, Japonais
ConcepteurElysium Co. Ltd.
ÉditeurElysium Co. Ltd.