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SRD Movie Player

SRD Movie Player can read stereo video files in Side by Side or Top and Bottom format for stereoscopic viewing. Fast forward, rewind, double speed playback, and slow playback can be performed by key operation. Stereo images and video captured by a binocular camera or stereo images captured by a surgical robot or surgical microscope system can be viewed stereoscopically with the naked eye. The viewer feels as if a real object or surgical field has appeared in front of his eyes. Even if the viewer moves, the video is played back in the direction of the viewer's face. A converter software is included that allows user to play back stereo videos recorded with the Leia Lume Pad 2/ZTE nubia Pad 3D in the correct aspect ratio with SRD Movie Player.

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LanguageEnglish, Japanese
DeveloperXR Research Institute, Graduate School of Dentistry, Kanagawa Dental University, Yokosuka, Japan
PublisherChihiro Enterprise Co. Ltd.