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The Creative XR Platform "STYLY"

STYLY is a platform for creating and distributing XR (VR/AR/MR) content; by launching STYLY on a PC connected to the Spatial Reality Display, the created XR content can be immediately viewed on the Spatial Reality Display. By enabling experiences on the Spatial Reality Display in addition to smartphones, web browsers, head-mounted displays, and AR glasses, "STYLY" will further expand its range of applications and enable creators and businesses that use our platform to realize the realistic expressions and spaces they desire. The new system will enable creators and businesses using our platform to realize the kind of realistic expressions and spaces that they desire.

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Supported models
Recommend PC SpecOS : Windows 10 (64-bit) / Windows 11, CPU: Intel i5 6core or higher, GPU: GeForce RTX2070 SUPER or higher, Memory: 16GB or more, Storage: SSD is recommended, Other: Broadband internet connection
External devicePS5 Controller
LanguageEnglish, Japanese
DeveloperPsychic VR Lab Co., Ltd.
PublisherPsychic VR Lab Co., Ltd.