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Types and Features
Structure and Mechanism
Proposal of application

1. Backup of data
You can use a DVD as backup of your important data for emergency as well as a storage device of data overflowing your hard disk drive.

2. Recording and playback of high-capacity movies and images
To a DVD, you can store high-capacity movies and images recorded with your digital video camera and digital still camera. Using a DVD with a color model makes it easier for you to organize your video library.

3. Creation of your original DVD by editing data and images
You can create your own original DVD by editing your favorite images.

4. Conversion from analog to digital
Movies and images recorded to tapes a long time ago may deteriorate in image and sound quality as the tapes may stretch depending on their storage conditions.
How about dubbing the tapes including your important data (image and sound) to DVDs? Once dubbed to DVDs, you do not have to worry about the deterioration of sound quality and the storage space, which might be substantial in the case of tapes.

5. Recording of TV programs
A DVD features easy editing with which you can delete unnecessary portion of the recorded programs at any moment. When recording a program to the DVD containing other programs, the DVD can locate the end of the last recording and start recording a new program without leaving any blank space.