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AccuCORE For Blu-ray Disc
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Stable Writing BD-RBD-RE
Formation of a high-precision disc layer Lower recording error rate

Thickness Distribution Due to the Blu-ray Disc's high density recording design, even a slight impairment of disc flatness can lead to serious damage (failed recording/play-back, etc.) In addition to the disc substrate flatness, the flatness of the cover layer that is placed under the substrate also becomes an important element.

This cover layer is extremely thin at 0.1mm. Highly advanced technology is required to form this layer with uniformity. The chart to the left shows the uniformity of the cover layer thickness. The fluctuation between inner and outer perimeters is 0.5um. Stable recording and playback is realized by maintaining the flatness with almost no fluctuation from start to finish.

●Comparing the Blu-ray Disc (BD) to a road:

Comparing the Blu-ray Disc (BD) to a road

●The total length of all BD tracks is about 27km. (=17miles)

This means that even if a car is driven on an expressway for 20 minutes or so at 100km/h, the difference of road elevation is 0.5mm and is very flat! Therefore, safe driving (=stable recording) is made possible.

* In the case of Japan:(Ex.) Tokyo I.C. to near Ebina S.A.

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Sony's Blu-ray Disc can provide stable recording/playback because of its low rate of errors caused.

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