AccuCORE Brand Concept
Recording Mechanism (-RE) “Phase-change material”

The recording layer of the BD-RE discs is made of a material that can change its state from a crystalline phase to an amorphous phase. When discs are produced, the recording surface is in it’s crystalline state (no data). If a part of the material is heated up to its melting point, and then cooled rapidly by irradiating high power and short pulse laser, the state of the part change from crystalline to amorphous phase. (recording process) In contrast, if the laser power is moderate and flat, the material change to crystalline phase. (erase process) Controlling the laser power in such a manner, actual data are overwritten repeatedly. BD-RE disc is designed that the reflectivity of crystalline part is bright, however, amorphous part is dark. So, low read power laser spot can detect playback signal.

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