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Trouble Shooting
About Fingerprint Access software
About the Virtual Expander
How to format in Windows (for USM-P users)

Trouble Shooting

My computer does not recognize the Micro Vault.

You cannot use the Micro Vault with unsupported operating systems. Please check the OS
compatibility chart. In addition, the USB switch in the BIOS of older PCs may be turned OFF.
Please read the PCs instruction manual and turn the USB functions in the BIOS ON. (We do not
recommend that beginning PC users change BIOS settings.)
If the host device does not recognize the Micro Vault Tiny, please make sure that the device is plugged in correctly as described in the product package.

- When using on Windows Vista -
The driver cash file for Windows may be damaged. Please download the latest Service pack from Microsoft Online Support site, and apply it in line with the instructions.

Windows 98/98SE recognizes the drive, but I am unable to read or write.

In Windows 98, please check to make sure that the device driver is fully installed. Please refer to the section on checking device drivers.
* USM-LX,USM-L,USM-N,USM-JX,USM512FL,USM-H,USM-EX Turbo model does not support Windows 98/98SE.

The Micro Vault does not function properly.

If you are using the Micro Vault through a USB hub, depending on the USB hub, you may not be able to properly use the Micro Vault.

The Micro Vault response is slow.

Response times may decrease if the Micro Vault is used at the same time as other USB devices.

- When used on Mac OS X 10.2 - 10.4 -
After disconnected from a Macintosh without following "Safely Remove" procedure, the Micro Vault response may get slower than before. In this case, please disconnect the Micro Vault again with proper "Safely Remove" procedure.

The message "Storage device in use" appears and the Micro Vault cannot be disconnected.

An application that is using the Micro Vault is still running. Quit the application software before disconnecting the Micro Vault.

I disconnected the Micro Vault without performing end processing.

A warning from the OS may appear, but the Micro Vault will not be damaged unless the Micro Vault is removed while data transfer is in progress to and from the device (LED indicator is turned on). The Micro Vault may be harmed or damaged in case the removal are made while data are being transferred from PC or from Micro Vault on access.

When used with a Macintosh, the Micro Vault is recognized but the message "Do you want to format?" appears.

The function to read Windows files is not running on the Macintosh. You have either intentionally turned this function OFF or started up the Macintosh from a CD-ROM. If "File Exchange" under Apple Menu - Control Panels -Extensions Manager is disabled, enable "File Exchange". If "File Exchange" is not on the list, copy it from the basic set and use this function.
When the message "Do you want to Format?" appears and you proceed to format the Micro Vault in Macintosh format, you will not be able to read data using a Windows machine. When you format the Micro Vault, use a dedicated software to the device in Windows format.

The Micro Vault is not recognized when using a Macintosh.

There may be a conflict between the other USB devices connected to the computer such as a CD-ROM or MO. Under the Apple Menu -Control Panels - Extensions Manager, copy and use the OS basic set or all sets to restore to default. Once this is done, you will not be able to use functions that have been added on later. If using the Micro Vault with conflicting devices, please contact the manufacturer for more information.
In case you use the Micro Vault with a Windows machine before connecting to a Macintosh Please format the Micro Vault with a Windows machine, then use it with a Macintosh.

When performing end processes, the message "This device is in use" appears.

This indicates that a file or application in the Micro Vault is still open. Close all files or applications and then disconnect the Micro Vault. If the Virtual Expander is running, right click on the Virtual Expander icon in the Toolbar and select “Exit”, then remove the Micro Vault.

I formatted the Micro Vault with a file open.

If this causes the PC to freeze, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and restart your PC.

The PC does not start up when I try to start up the PC with the Micro Vault connected or when waking up from standby or suspend mode.

If the BIOS has been set to have a USB device as a start up disk, the PC will freeze since it tries to start up from the Micro Vault despite the fact that the Micro Vault does not have a startup functionality. Disconnect the Micro Vault before you start up your PC or set the start up disk in the BIOS to something other than a USB device. (We do not recommend that beginning PC users change BIOS settings.)

The capacity of the Micro Vault seems reduced when displayed in Properties under Windows.

The Micro Vault's capacity is calculated as 1GB = 1 billion bytes. Micro Vault media contains a system management area. Actual usable capacity is less than the amount shown on the device.

If the Micro Vault malfunctions, I'd like to have the data recovered.

If the malfunction is one that occurs due to a manufacturing defect, we will exchange the device for a new one. However, we will not be held responsible for any losses stemming from a malfunction including the loss of data. We also cannot recover any data lost. We recommend that you backup any important data.

When the Micro Vault is connected to a USB port, the device is recognized and the drivers are installed, but the Micro Vault drive does not appear in My Computer.

If you are using a network drive, please set the drive letter of the network drive to one that is at least 2 higher than the actual drive letter. For example, if a hard disk is Drive C:, another hard disk is Drive D:, Drive E: is the CD-ROM, Drive F: is a Memory Stick and Drive G: is the network drive, the Micro Vault drive will not appear. In this case, set the network drive as Drive H:. After doing so, plug the Micro Vault back in and the Micro Vault drive will appear in My Computer as Drive G:.

The Micro Vault cannot be connected to the USB port of PC due to physical incompatibility.

Depending on the shape around USB port of computer, you may not be able to connect the Micro Vault directly. In this case, please use self-powered USB hub to connect.
For USM-M Users
When you connect the Micro Vault to a eSATA/USB combination port illustrated below, it may note be recognized properly. In that case, please connect to USB2.0 port or USB3.0 port on the computer.
eSATA/USB combination port USB2.0 port USB3.0 port
combination port
USB2.0 port USB3.0 port


Can I use the Micro Vault with a digital camera?

No, the Micro Vault cannot be used with a digital camera. The use of the device requires a USB port connection and the digital cameras do not have this capability.

Are there any notes when I upgrade Windows XP to Windows XP SP2?

Yes. Quit the application software that is running on your computer, and then restart the
computer before installing Windows XP SP2.

Is USM-H compatible with other flash media?

USM-H is not compatible with the "Memory Stick" or other flash media. Use it as USB media.

Can the Micro Vault record MagicGate compatible music data?

No, the Micro Vault is not compatible with MagicGate.

USM-H has a different connector shape from other USB media. Can it be connected to USB port without any problems?

If the host device does not recognize the Micro Vault Tiny(USM-H) correctly as described in the product package. If you are having difficulty connecting to one USB port, please try the others on your PC or plug it in via the USB hub. If your host device still fails to recognize the USM-H, please contact our customer service center near you.

Can I use the Micro Vault with a non-PC hardware device with another USB interface?

It may depend on the hardware device. Please check the operating instruction carefully before connecting the Micro Vault to any hardware devices other than a PC with a USB interface.

About Fingerprint Access Software

It cannot remove by “Safety Remove Hardware" on a task tray. [For users of the USM256F]

When the Fingerprint access software is running, the "Safety Remove Hardware" option in the task tray is not available.

[For users of the USM512FL]

When the fingerprint access software is running, the "Safely Remove Hardware" option in the task tray is not available.
To remove the Micro Vault, you must first bring up the fingerprint access manager by clicking on the fingerprint access software icon in the task tray, and select "Remove Micro Vault". You can also bring up the fingerprint access manager by clicking on the fingerprint access software icon in the task tray and select "Exit" to shut down the fingerprint access software.
The "Safely Remove Hardware" option in the task tray will then be available.

Can the USM256F and USM512FL be used on the same computer?

No, with fingerprint access this is not possible. When using the 256F, the fingerprint access software for the 256F must be installed.
Similarly, when using the 512FL, the fingerprint access software for the 512FL must be installed.
A combination of both software applications will not work.
Only one of these can be installed on a single computer.
However, combined use of both products as a conventional USB memory is possible.

After changing the password, it no longer is possible to open (decrypt) previously encrypted files.

Decrypt the files with the same password that was used during encryption.

A screen saver lock does not operate normally.

A screen saver lock may not operate correctly according with some computer and operating system combination. Please set the kind of screen saver to the Windows standard line art etc. (things other than 3D).

Icons and file names for files encrypted on another computer are not displayed correctly.

These will only display correctly on the same computer where the files were encrypted.
On other computers, the display will not be correct, but the files can be used.

Auto log-in does not work properly.

In some cases as below, auto log-in may not work properly depending on the environment of PC or the web site.
- the user name and password are required to be input into the dialog box
- the web site is reloaded periodically
- the web site can not be displayed properly due to PC's environment
Other cases that the web site is created in unusual ways.

About the Virtual Expander

"Safely Remove Hardware" option in the toolbar is not available.

The " Safely Remove Hardware" option in the toolbar will not be available unless the Virtual Expander is terminated.
To remove the Micro Vault from the computer, right-click the Virtual Expander icon in the toolbar and select "Exit" from the menu that appears.

*The software ver.2.3 or later enables "Safely Remove Hardware" option with right-clicking the Virtual Expander icon in the toolbar to remove the Micro Vault.
Download (for the latest version)

Can the Virtual Expander be used for other Micro Vault models?

The Virtual Expander is only available in the Micro Vault models that are pre-installed with the software.
The decompression program "Decompression.exe" can also be used in other environments without the Micro Vault.
It is compatible with Windows Vista , Windows XP Home Edition/Professional (with Service Pack 1 or later) and Windows 2000 (with Service Pack 3 or later).

Some files are not compressed.

Depending on the file type, some files will not be compressed. For details, see the Readme file.

How can I prevent the Virtual Expander from starting up automatically?

When starting the Virtual Expander for the first time, the prompt "Would you like Virtual Expander to be active each time the computer is started(recommended)? " will appear. If you select "Yes" at this prompt, the Virtual Expander will subsequently start up automatically.
To prevent the Virtual Expander from starting up automatically, click the Virtual Expander icon in the toolbar, select "Register to startup", and deselect the check box.
The Virtual Expander will then no longer start up automatically. To start the program, double click the "Virtual Expander.exe" icon.

The Virtual Expander can compress/decompress files properly, but its icon does not appear in a task tray.

If the icon does not appear after restarting the PC or "VirtualExpander.exe" file, please try the following procedure:
  1. Click [Start] in a task tray, and select "All programs" and then click "Startup" option.
  2. Right-click "Virtual Expander" in "Startup", and select "Delete" from the menu that appears.
  3. Restart the PC.
  4. Double Click "VirtualExpander.exe" in the device to restart properly.

When using Windows ReadyBoost on Windows Vista or Windows 7, the file compression progress bar of Virtual Expander comes up on screen, and it does not disappear automatically.

In case the progress bar does not disappear, please press [Cancel] button to close the window.

About EasyLock(Model Name:USM-QX,USM-U,USM-Q,USM-P)

I connected the device after starting up EasyLock, but it doesn't show on EasyLock window.

If your device does not show up on the EasyLock window after connection or remove, please shut down EasyLock and restart.