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Compatible smartphones/tablets June 30, 2015 updated

Please refer to compatibility information


Operating Instructions Apr 27, 2018 updated

USMSA1 Operating Instruction

Download (Size:983KB)

USMSA2 Operating Instruction

Download (Size:1.1MB)

USMSA3 Operating Instruction
for the Americas can be downloaded

Download (Size:476KB)

USMSA3 Operating Instruction
for India can be downloaded

Download (Size:436KB)

USMSA3 Operating Instruction
for other areas can be downloaded

Download (Size:1.1MB)


How to use USM-SA series?
Before using USM-SA series on Android smartphones or tablets, please check whether there is file management application program installed in your devices. If no, you may go to see the information on back side of USM-SA series product package; it shows you where to download Sony "File Manager", the free application program offered by Sony.
Also, USM-SA series is able being used on computers.

Do I have to use File Manger in order to access USM-SA series contents via Computer?
No, USM-SA series is designed with dual connectors. When connecting USM-SA series to computer, it can be used as normal USB flash drive.

Is USM-SA series only compatible to software "File Manager"?
Other file management applications can also be used for USM-SA series; however, there is no guarantee with the compatibility. Operation is guaranteed with the Sony File Manager only.

What is Sony "File Manager" for USM-SA series? And what’s the feature of it?
It is the free utility APP which is designed to support to Android OS devices and you can download it from Google Play or Sony website. (Please see the back side of product package for the info to download Sony File Manager).
You could use Sony File Manager to access contents in USM-SA series; for example: to play, copy, move, delete, search or share data or to create, rename folders on Android smartphones or tablets.

Where can I find Sony File Manager?
You may find the download information on back side of product package. It guides you where to download File Manger.
You may also download from google play by searching File Manger.

Is SA2/SA3 series compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets?
No, SA2/SA3 series is only compatible with smartphone and tablet devices that support to Android OS 4.1 or above as well as USB storage function.

When using Sony File Manager, can all the photos, videos, music, etc be categorized to show separately from USM-SA series or memory cards?
All data/ files either in memory cards or USM-SA series are categorized into photo, video, music and document. For example, when you use File Manager, to tap folder of photo, you will see all photos stored in memory cards and USM-SA series. You may easily to see all photos under one folder but no need to search it in diverse photo folders.
On the other hand, if you would like to access data only in USM-SA series or memory cards, such as external microSD card, please go to tap “Browse folders”.
When you want to find data/files from USM-SA series and make copy to other media, you may follow below to find files easily:
Browse folders > usbdrive* > [file or folder name]
* Folder name of USM-SA series varies according to different smartphones or tablets; for example, usbdrive or usbdisk.

Can we connect smartphone (or tablet)/ USM-SA series/ PC simultaneously and read the data/ files without download?
No, USM-SA series is prohibited to connect the smartphone/tablet and computer at the same time. It is only allowed to connect to one device when using USM-SA series.

When using USM-SA series to connect to Android smartphones, is there any different behavior between Sony's and Non-Sony's mobiles?
There is basically no different behavior between Sony and non-Sony smartphones or tablets.
However, some Xperia does not automatically detect USB device. Please follow the operation manual of the relevant Xperia to use the OTG.

The item “usbdisk” (USM-SA series external storage) does not appear in the spinner (drop down list) in the menu.
Please try to locate “usbdisk” under “system storage”. Some Smartphones/Tablets list “usbdisk” under “system storage”. Note: The name of the external storage differs depending on your Smartphone/Tablet so you might find USM-SA series as usbdisk, UsbDriveA, usbstorage or usb.

I am trying to copy/delete files onto USM-SA series and cannot locate microSDXC card (64GB or higher) on Android OS 4.4, 5.x dedicated menu for accessing external storage.
Some smartphones/tablets with Android OS 4.4, 5.x are not capable to show microSDXC card on Android OS 4.4, 5.x dedicated menu for accessing external storage.

The files copied/deleted onto USM-SA series are not immediately updated onto the File Manager screen.
Due to the Android specification files copied/deleted onto the external storage are not immediately updated onto the File Manager screen. To update, please tap “reload” on the top menu.

I found that my Xperia does not automatically detect USM-SA series, is it broken?
Some Xperia does not automatically detect USB device. Please follow the operation manual of the relevant Xperia to use the OTG.

Format software June 30, 2015 updated

When the Micro Vault does not operate well, please re-format the Micro Vault in Windows and Macintosh.

Procedure to format on Windows
– Plug Micro Vault to the computer.
– Double click on “My Computer” or “Computer” on the desktop.
– Right-click the drive icon of Micro Vault and select “format”.
– Select system file “FAT32”.
– Optional: check “Quick format” as the format.
– Click “Start” button.

– Please close My Computer and Explorer before formatting the Micro Vault. The format process may not be successful if other applications are active.
– The reformatting process will erase any data stored on the Micro Vault before starting the process, make backups of any data that you want to keep.
– In order to use the Micro Vault after formatting is complete, please remove the device from the host device and re-insert into host device.
– Sony cannot accept any liability for loss or damage of contents, financial damages, lost profits, claims from third parties, etc., arising from the use of the format software.


Download (Size:177KB)


Download (Size:388KB)