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Compatible Smartphones/Tablets/PCs November 24, 2017 updated

USM-CA1 Compatibility Information


USM-CA2 Compatibility Information


Operating Instructions November 24, 2017 updated

USM-CA1 Operating Instruction

Download (Size:1.55MB)

USM-CA2 Operating Instruction

Download (Size:1.50MB)

Format software

When the Micro Vault does not operate well, please re-format the Micro Vault in Windows® and Mac®.

Procedure to format on Windows® PC
– Plug the Micro Vault to the PC.
– Double click on “My Computer” or “Computer” on the desktop.
– Right-click the drive icon of the Micro Vault and select “format”.
– Select system file “FAT32”.
– Optional: check “Quick format” as the format.
– Click “Start” button.

Procedure to format on Mac®
– Plug the Micro Vault to the Mac®.
– Open "Spotlight" search, type "Disk Utility" and press enter to open.
– Click to select "Sony Storage Media" in the left panel.
– Click to change to "Erase" tab in the top of main panel, then choose "MS-DOS (FAT)" format.
– Click "Erase" button.
– At the confirmation dialog, click the "Erase" button.
– Close the Disk Utility window.

– Please close "My Computer" and Explorer before formatting the Micro Vault. The format process may not be successful if other applications are active.
– Before starting the reformatting process, please make backups of any data stored on the Micro Vault that you want to keep. The process will erase any data.
– In order to use the Micro Vault after formatting is complete, please remove the device from the host device and re-insert into host device.
– Sony cannot accept any liability for loss or damage of contents, financial damages, lost profits, claims from third parties, etc., arising from the use of the format software.

USM-CA1 November 24, 2017 updated

Download (Size:388KB)

USM-CA2 April 27, 2018 updated

Download (Size:694KB)