<For customers in Japan only>


Except for any statutory rights, Sony will only be liable to replace the *Sony branded products, or at Sony's option, refund the purchase price for the Sony branded products which are faulty in material or workmanship. Sony is not responsible for any loss of data or other consequential damages.
This Lifetime Limited Warranty applies only to the original end-user purchaser and therefore is not transferable.
*"Sony Branded product" shall be limited to the following products of Sony Branded:AIT/ AIT Turbo/ S-AIT/ DDS/ DAT72/ DLT/ Super DLT/ LTO/ 5.25MO/ D8/Mammoth.

If you find any defects or troubles in your Sony branded data media, please send it to the address below;
Sony Corporation (Recording Media)
Koguchimae, Toyosato-cho, Tome, Miyagi, 987-0362

Or call Customer Information Center in Japan;
FreeDial : 0120-000-488
The number you can call from your cellular phone or PHS or IP phone is following: 0466-31-2561
Business hours : 9:00-20:00( Mon.-Fri.), 9:00-17:00( Sat. Sun. &Public holidays)

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