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Storage Media

Fourth generation AIT technology packs 1040GB(compressed) into a tiny cartrige. New AIT family AIT Turbo high performance and cost effective solution with proven technology. DDS4 delivers 40GB (compressed) storage in a tiny standard tape cartridge. DAT320 Data Cartridge offers Greater Reliability Derived from Sony’s Metal Evaporation Technology.
S-AIT LTO Ultrium DLT tape™ III / III XT / IV DLT tape™ VS1
Huge capacity, based on proven AIT recording technology. High reliability, supported by accumulated AME technology. Storage capacity lumps to 3.0TB in LTO Ultrium 5th generation data cartridge. Reliable data cartridges designed to maximize media performance. Dedicated cartridge for DLT VS160 drives and DLT-V4 drives, featuring Sony media technology.
Super DLT tape™ 1 5.25MO Professional Disc for DATA D8
Innovative Super DLT format delivers high storage capacity. Speedy access and data transfer with 9.1GB capacity -- Sony's precision disk technology makes it possible. Heralding a new era of data storage: 23.3GB capacity and 11MB/s data transfer. Data cartridge developed by taking full advantage of Sony's 8mm tape format technology.
Mammoth Cleaning Cartridges for All tape formats DTF SD1
Data storage format derived from Sony's metal-evaporated tape.   Sony DTF (Digital Tape Format) combines 1/2 Inch technology with metal particle tape. The high-speed standard for high-capacity instrumentation data recording.