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Sony CompactFlash card, with high-speed continuous advance for precious moments
300x NCFD series 133x NCFC series 66x NCFB series

High-speed transfer rate 300x(45MB/s [write])*2 with UDMA*3

Capacity variations

2, 4, 8GB*1

Capacity variations

2, 4, 8GB*1
(Newly released)

Capacity variations

1, 2, 4GB*1

*1 Not all capacity variations are available in all areas.

*2 1x=150KB/s, when used with UDMA enabled devices, results may vary depending upon the device.

*3 UDMA: Ultra Direct Memory Access

Supports Image Recovery Service

The Sony CompactFlash card 300x (NCFD) series makes the most of the continuous advance function of the Sony α700.
Comparison of continuous advance limits (JPEG L size Fine)


*Sony internal testing.

*These results are only guidelines and depend on the write speed of the memory card and photography conditions.

* For non-UDMA-enabled cameras, the high-speed transfer function is not available. Such cameras are equivalent to the 133x (20 MB/s) model in continuous shooting performance.

Sony digital SLR camera, α, Official Site

The Sony CompactFlash card 300x (NCFD) series provides faster backup to a computer!

With the Sony CompactFlash card 300x (NCFD) series, even image data stored on a card to full capacity can be backed up to a computer at high speed. Even data stored on a full 300x 4GB model (NCFD4G) can be backed up in only approximately 2 minutes!

CompactFlash card
300x 4GB (NCFD4G)
Pentium D 820 2.8GHz /
Windows XP Home Edition SP2 / Main memory 4GB
Card Adaptor
PC card adaptor UDMA compatible (commercial good in market)
Sony α100 DSLR


*Sony internal testing.

* Some commercially available PC adaptors and reader/writers cannot take advantage of the high-speed performance. In addition, compatibility with other devices depends on the operating conditions of the devices, and proper operation is not fully guaranteed.




Ideal for high-speed continuous advance with UDMA-enabled digital SLR cameras!

300x (NCFD) series
300x (NCFD)
series *1

Ideal for high-speed continuous advance with digital SLR cameras!

133x (NCFC) series
133x (NCFC)
series *1

High-speed model

66x (NCFB) series
66x (NCFB)
series *1
Interface CompactFlash slot
Operating voltage 3.3 V or 5 V
Transfer speed*2 45MB/s [write] 20MB/s [read/write] 10MB/s [read]
9MB/s [write]
Operational Conditions 0 to 60 degrees Celsius
Storage Condition -20 to 85 degrees Celsius
Main unit dimensions 42.8 x 36.4 x 3.3 mm
Main unit weight Approximately 12 g
Accessories Operating instructions, Carrying case
Service and support Image Recovery Service -
Capacity*3 2GB, 4GB, 8GB 2GB, 4GB, 8GB 1GB, 2GB, 4GB

*1 : 1x (multiplied speed) = 150 KB/s

*2 : Confirmed by Sony internal testing.

*3 : Actual usable capacity is somewhat less than the amount shown on the device because part of the capacity is used by the system area.


Number of Images


  1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB
12M pixels RAW+JPG 39 74 149 307
RAW 52 99 199 410
JPEG (FINE) 159 299 599 1,232
10M pixels RAW+JPG 50 94 190 392
RAW 64 121 243 502
JPEG (FINE) 233 438 877 1,803


* These number of images are only guideline, and the acutal number will depend on certain variables, including camera, object, and other parameters.


Precautions for Use

  • For the details on operations with compatible device, please refer to the instruction manual itself.
  • Do not strike, bend, drop or wet the unit.
  • Do not place the unit in locations that are:
    - extremely hot or cold
    - dusty or dirty
    - very humid
    - vibrating
    - exposed to corrosive gases
    - exposed to direct sunlight
  • When inserting the CompactFlash card into a device, make sure that the card is facing the right direction, and be sure to insert the card all the way into the device’s slot.
  • Do not attempt to disassemble or modify the CompactFlash card.
  • Do not attach the label.
  • We recommend backing up important data.
  • When writing on the main unit label, use an oil-based pen. Do not use a fountain pen or water-based pen.
  • Recorded data may be damaged or lost in the following cases:
    - removing the CompactFlash card or turning off the device while reading, writing, or formatting of the card is in progress.
    - using the CompactFlash card in a location where it may be subjected to static electricity or electrical noise.
  • If the CompactFlash card is not recognized by the device you are using, remove the CompactFlash card, shutdown or restart your device, and try inserting the card again.

* Sony cannot assume responsibility for damage caused by failure to observe the precautions listed in this document. Care should always be taken when using the card.

* Please note that we cannot assume responsibility for corruption or deletion of data.

* Our product warranty is limited only to the CompactFlash card itself, when used normally in accordance with these operating instructions and with the accessories that were included with this unit in the specified or recommended system environment. Services provided by the Company, such as user support, are also subject to these restrictions.

* Sony does not warrant the usage of the product in life support systems or other applications where failure could threaten injury or life.

* The Company cannot accept liability for damage or loss resulting from the use of this unit, or for any claim from a third party.

* The Company cannot accept any liability for: problems with your digital still camera or other hardware arising from the use of this product; the suitability of this product for specific hardware, software, or peripherals; operating conflicts with other installed software; data loss; or other accidental or unavoidable damages.


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