1. Customers are requested to advise their local Sony service company Point of Contact (POC) in this booklet by telephone, fax, or e-mail with information regarding the ENG crew's name, travel schedule including date, city, hotel, contact telephone number and e-mail address along with a list of their Sony ENG equipment three weeks in advance of their visit.
  2. In the event that repair service is required, customers are requested to notify the nearest Sony Global ENG service center POC prior to sending equipment for repair. Where there is no local POC, customers should contact the Zone Engineering Headquarters, where the service team will assist with initial inquiries and take appropriate actions.

    While the service levels may vary by locations because of local broadcast standard, Sony Global ENG Service Network will extend all reasonable effort to provide the best possible repair service for Sony ENG equipment. Please note the "Capability" references for each service center.

    Full Line Service (Full Line Service)

    Comprehensive maintenance and repair service

    First Line Service (First Line Service)
    • Minor electrical repair and/or adjustment
    • Mechanical system adjustment, cleaning, lubrication, belt replacement, etc.
    • Assistance with operational, connectivity, and switch settings, etc.
    Call to Confirm (Call to Confirm)

    Sony ENG Service Network locations displaying Call to Confirm (Call to Confirm) in the service "Capability" reference section should be contacted by telephone prior to delivery of a unit for repair. The local ENG Service Network representative will use best endeavors to provide assistance with repair issues.

  3. Some service centers provide additional services for customer's convenience.

    Customers can identify the location by a Dealer, Rental, and/or Battery indicator at the right of the ENG location reference.

    Dealer : The nearest service dealers are advised.
    Rental : Equipment rental companies are advised.
    Battery : Batteries can be recharged at the ENG locations. Customers are requested to notify battery model name and requirements in advance, as support may be limited.
  4. Urgent requests for overhaul service are accepted on a "best effort" basis.
  5. Customers are requested to pay the local ENG Service Center for all repair costs by local currency or credit card. Requests for reimbursement of warranty related to repair expense should be submitted to the equipment's originating sales company along with a copy of the repair invoice.