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The Spatial Reality Display makes the optimal picture for the viewer’s line of sight in real-time by detecting the face with a high-speed vision sensor. By optimizing the viewing environment, you can use Spatial Reality Display more stably.

  1. Make sure the face is not covered with anything.

    This product detects the face. It may be difficult to recognize when the viewer is wearing a mask, sunglasses, or a hat. Please remove face coverings when using this product. Also, if the eyebrows are covered by hair, it may not detect the face properly.

  2. Avoid placing the product in a backlit environment.

    If there is the window to the back of the user, face detection accuracy may be reduced. Please place the product in a location where face detection will work properly.

  3. Avoid using in an environment where it is extremely bright or dark.

    Face detection may not work properly in an extremely bright or dark room. The recommended brightness of the environment is 100 lux to 1000 lux. It assumes the brightness of a typical office or living room. Please adjust the lighting in the room so that the brightness is appropriate.

  4. Use a secondary light source.

    Please use a light to illuminate your face. Adjust the angle so that is does not illuminate the display surface. Please adjust the brightness to the optimum level so that the face can be recognized properly while showing the face detection result. Please refer Start the SR Display Settings for how to show the face detection result.

  5. When using for demonstration or exhibitions

    In special lighting environments such as the use of mercury lamps, the Spatial Reality Display may not be stable. If the image is not stable, turn off AE and adjust the gain manually. Please refer to Adjust the Camera Gain.