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How to make Apps

This video shows how to create contents using the Unity SDK with Spatial Reality Display plugin.

1. Create a virtual world from the beginning

  1. Open a new project.
  2. Import the Unity SDK for the Spatial Reality Display.
  3. Hide the Main camera.
  4. Add imported SRDisplayManager in the Scene View.
  5. The rectangular which is placed in Scene View will be the space displayed in the Spatial Reality Display. Put what you want to display inside this rectangle.
  1. First, place the ground that will be the reference for the world.
    By adjusting the height to the bottom, you can express the world that spreads from the front to the back.
  2. Then place the sides. It will be a clue to the wall of the device and will make it easier to feel the space.
    These clues are 3D effects that are easy to recognize even with one eye.
  3. This time, we will place a wall on the back side to make it feel like a room.
    It is possible to express depth more, but in order to see it comfortably, it is recommended to express it without adding too much depth.
  4. Finally, place objects in this room.
  1. You can see what you have created on the Game View of Unity Editor.
  2. This Game View can be displayed in the Spatial Reality Display as it is.
    It's difficult to convey this effect by video, but when you run it, the world you just created will appear in front of you.
  3. In the next step, let's build it.
  4. When executed, it works as seen in Game View of Editor.
  5. You can enjoy the built one on the Spatial Reality Display.
  1. It is recommended to reduce the number of pop-outs or keep these viewable for a shorter time, for easy viewing. Large pop-outs causes image loss and interfere with correct stereoscopic perception. It reduces visibility and causes discomfort.
  2. In order to avoid this, plan the placement of the object and make it an expression that clips on the top and front.
  3. The SDK has a front clipping option, please use this as well.

2. Cut out and display apart from the existing virtual world

  1. Spatial reproduction is easier if you already have a scene that works with Unity.
  2. Open the project that contains the scene you want to show and display that scene.
  3. Add imported SRDisplayManager in the Scene View.
  1. Determine the size of the area you want to display by SRD_view_space_scale.
  2. Adjust the position by Transform Position.
  3. There may be objects in the front or top that block your view.
  4. Remove them in advance or use a technique like clipping that was mentioned earlier.
  1. Let's review.
  2. Please note, as it is video, the objects that have been created will appear on the plane in front of you vs a 3D rendering which can be seen via the Spatial Reality Display.

The above is a simple way to create content.
Anyone can download the SDK, so please use it and make contents.
If you have a chance, please take a look at the Spatial Reality Display.
Of course, you can create and imagine the result, but when you see it on the actual device, it will exceed what you imagined.