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Set up for Unity(HDRP)

This page shows how to enable Spatial Reality Display(SR Display) using Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline(HDRP) in your Unity projects.

  1. Setup your SR Display, if not, see: Setup SR DisplaySetup SR Display Runtime


To use HDRP, SR Display Runtime version 1.5.0 or later must be installed.

  1. Download and extract the latest version of the SRDisplayXR UnityPlugin for HDRP (

    A folder named will be created.

  2. Create a new Unity project using High Definition RP template.

  3. Use the Explorer to copy the SRDisplay XR UnityPlugin into the project you created.

    1. Create a folder called Plugins directly under the project folder you created.

    2. Copy the folder that you just downloaded to the Plugins folder.

  4. Import SRDisplay XR UnityPlugin
    1. Select Window > Package Manager and open the Package Manager.

      Select the "+" in the upper left corner, and then select "Add package from disk...".

    2. Open the package.json file in the folder that you just copied.

    3. SRDisplay XR UnityPlugin will appear in the Package Manager.

  5. Activate the SRDisplay XR UnityPlugin.

    1. Open the Project Settings dialog from Edit > Project Settings.
    2. Select XR Plug-in Management and check the SRDisplay XR Loader.
  1. We recommend to set the VSync Count for all Quality Levels to Don't Sync (See: Minimize the latency for good user experience in Tips and Constraints

  1. Set Target Architecture

    1. Open Build Settings dialog from File > Build Settings

    2. Make sure that Architecture is x86_64


    Motion Blur affects the quality of the 3D display and should be turned off.