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Firmware Updater

This tool updates the firmware of the SR Display.

  1. Click here to download the Firmware Updater.
  2. Extract the ZIP archive file when downloading is finished.
  1. Connect the SR Display to your PC with an HDMI cable and a USB cable.
  2. Plug in the power cable of the SR Display and turn it on.


    DO NOT disconnect the cable or turn off the power during the update. The update will fail and in some cases SR Display will not start.

  1. Launch srd-display-fw-updater.exe in the extracted folder.
  2. Then, the following window will be displayed.

  3. "Update" button is enabled if the SR Display can be updated.


    If the "Update" button is not enabled, the firmware of the SR DIsplay is up to date.

    No update needed.

  4. Click the "Update" button and the following dialog will be displayed. Then click the "OK" button to start the update.

  5. The progress will be displayed during the update.

  6. When the update is complete, the following dialog will be displayed.

  7. Turn off the SR Display and then turn it on again.

    The update is complete.

  1. SR Display is not found. Check the cable connection and power supply.

  2. The USB connection is not recognized correctly. Follow the steps shown.

  3. The update did not complete successfully. Please try again.