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Sample applications

Sony provided Applications

Sony does not provide support such as installation and usage for this application.

The 3D data to be displayed by this application must be prepared separately by the customer.

For reference, the following is an example of the 3D data that Sony have confirmed that it can be displayed with this application (as of December 17, 2021). Please note the following points when using these 3D data.

  1. These are not Sony’s 3D data. The following hyperlinks will take you to the Sketchfab official website. To us the 3D data, you need to agree to the terms of use of Sketchfab presented by Sketchfab, inc. or its affiliates, and the license terms presented by the right holder of each 3D data. Sony is not responsible for any damage caused to you by using these 3D data.

  2. The 3D data may not be displayed on this application due to subsequent update. Sony does not guarantee that the 3D data can be displayed on this application and its display quality.





How to use

  1. Refer to the environment setup page and proceed to the initial setup
  2. Download and extract the application file
  3. Execute the .exe file located in the extracted files

*Refer to the instruction manual in each application document for the operation method.
**Some devices may not work correctly. Please see the recommended system specification.
***These applications are free for personal use.