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Direct Camera Printing Feature and Settings

For customers using Camera Direct Printing

When using the “Shoot & Print” mode on the UP-CR20L (firmware ver.1.0) to print images wirelessly from a digital camera, there is a risk that image data saved on your CompactFlash card may be overwritten. This may happen if the “PRINT SAVE” option is ON and if the power is turned off/on before the images are received. To prevent this from happening, you will need to turn the “PRINT SAVE” option OFF or back up the “SAVE” folder before turning off the power. Alternatively, you can now upgrade to the latest firmware version (greater than ver1.01) from the firmware upgrade module, which will correct this issue. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.

Features and System Configurations


*By connecting with SX-WSG1, wireless adaptor, the UP-CR20L can print photos wirelessly direct from supported cameras equipped with an FTP file transfer capability. The UP-CR20L is ideal for events, parties and other situations where a portable photo printer is necessary.

*The transferred images can also be printed with a border such as a logo, event name or a custom designed frame. Moreover, Glossy or ProMatte finish prints can be selected.

*Semi-transparent data such as order number and file name can be printed on prints, which provides easy sorting.

*The images can be transferred via a wireless or wired connection, and they can be saved into an expansion CompactFlash card for reprinting later.

System Configurations

AdHoc Mode Connection

AdHoc Mode Connection

Connect a digital camera and a wireless adaptor via “AdHoc mode”of wireless LAN.This is used when there are no access points of wireless LAN.

Infrastructure Mode Connection

Infrastructure Mode Connection

Connect a digital camera and a wireless adaptor via “Infrastructure mode” of wireless LAN.

Click here for more details about how to setup

A Camera list compatible with camera direct print feature

The WiFi transmitter units that support FTP protocol work with the UP-CR20L.

* Some wireless transmitter may not be compatible.

Manufacturer Compatible Equipments Tested with the following camera
Canon Wireless transmitter WFT-E3 40D
Nikon Wireless transmitter WT-3 D200
Nikon Wireless transmitter WT-4 D300
Ricoh Digital camera Caplio 500SE
* For more information on compatible camera to each wireless transmitter, please visit manufacturer's web site.
For further information about wireless printing please call
[US] Phone:800-883-6817
Monday thru Friday 8:15am to 7:30pm EST
FAX: 201-833-5210
For further information about Silex SX-WSG1 repair
[US] Silex Technology America, Inc.
Phone: 801-748-1199
Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm CST
[EU] Technical Support:
Tobias Czaja
Phone: +49 2159-675022
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