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For Windows Driver & Utility Software Downloadmore

They are self-extracting files.
Please download and decompress it first, then install it.
After decompression, please read the Readme and installation guide included in exe.file for further information.

For Macintosh Software Downloadmore

They are compressed archive files encoded to BinHex.
You need a freeware utility such as the "Stufflt Expander" which supports BinHex decoding function.
After decompression, please read the Readme and installation guide included in exe.file for further information.


Software License Agreement

Please read this Software License Agreement ("Agreement") carefully before downloading, installing or using the software.
By downloading, installing or using the software, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

Windows Software DownloadMacintosh Version

Notes and procedure for driver software downloadmore

*About Adaptec SCSI Card/ SCSI Boad

Please note that you may need to consult with your nearest dealer if you use any high speed synchronous
SCSI cards such as AHA-2940U2W or Adaptec SCSI driver Ver.2.10 or greater. The following problems
may be happened in such case: - The system may be hanged up.
- You may not see the printer port.

*When you are using WindowsNT4.0 or Windows2000,

an error message is displayed at the step of installing the Port Monitor because of the long file name if you
put the decompressed file on the desktop. Please put the file in the folder which is not log file name.
Please refer to FAQ for the details.

*When you are using WindowsME

Windows95/98 drivers work on WindowsME.

*Photoshop Ver.3.0.5 or later with the Plug-in modules on Windows95. Printer name "UP-DXXXX" won't
appear on "Export.." menu.

*For SCSI connection, Windows95 drivers work fine on Windows98 if the firmware is the latest version.
About the installation on Windows98, please refer to the following files.

  1. Installation for SCSI SCSI-E.EXE (196KB) (UP-D5500)
  2. Installation for SCSI 1284-E.EXE (139KB) (UP-D5500)

*To assure the compatibility on Windows95/98, the firmware upgrade for UP-D8800 & UP-5500 with
UPK-5502SC maybe required. Please contact your local authorized reseller for further information.

*When you are using Printer Driver for WindowsNT4.0

Please note that there may be cases that your PC does not start up if your printer firmware is old. In such case,
please contact a nearest dealer.

*When you are using Photoshop Plug-in Module for Windows95 & Windows3.1

In case of Parallel connection, performance on Windows3.1 is not available. (Performance on Windows98 is available.)

For specifying an extract folder of a compressed file

  1. 1. Double click the downloaded compressed file, then the dialog "WinZipSelf-Extractor" comes up.
  2. 2. Specify the destination of the decompressed files on "Unzip To Folder."
  3. 3. Click "Unzip" to decompress the downloaded file.
  4. ex.) If the destination is C:\Temp, Temp folder on the C drive is made, and the decompressed files are stored in it.
Software Support OS Version Updated Items Size Date Download
Printer Driver Windows2000 Ver.1.00 *W-1 570KB July 26, 2002 Download
WindowsNT4.0 Ver.1.00 *W-1 409KB July 26, 2002 Download
Windows95 Ver.1.00 *W-1 540KB July 26, 2002 Download
Plug-in Module
Ver.1.00 - 677KB - Download

Macintosh Software DownloadWindows Version

Software Support OS Version Updated Items Size Date Download
Chooser Level Driver - Ver.1.04 - 130KB Jan. 31, 1997 Download
Plug-in Module
- Ver.1.04 - 126KB - Download

Updated Items

Printer Driver WindowsNT4.0 (Ver.1.00), WindowsNT4.0 (Ver.1.00), Windows95 (Ver.1.00)

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