Software Distribution Service

Year 2000 Test Result

Printer : UP-D8800

Host Computer : Power Mac 9500/200

OS : Mac OS 8.1

Application Software : Adobe Photoshop5.0J


Detail of the test :

  1. 1.Set the date to 1999.12.31. 23:58.
  2. 2.Start the UP-D8800.Background.
  3. 3.Spool several files to the queue to start printing.

*There was no problem if it turned 2000.1.1 0:00 during printing.

We confirmed using only the latest version of the UP-D8800 printer driver.
However, the drivers for the other printers (and all versions) are also no problem since the basic control of all these drivers are the same.

The part which might cause problem is the spooling part of the OS. So the test was done as above using the Chooser Driver (Printer Driver).
(As the Plug-in module sends data without spooling, we did not test Plug-in software this time.)