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Network Video Management System

Article number: HE002206014
Product: HAW-E 2017-R2 Rev.A
Version: 1
First published: March/5/2020
Last modified: March/5/2020

Kernel memory leak problem


HAW-E server running version 2017-R2 Rev.A (the first release of 2017-R2) may* occur kernel memory leak and accidentally stops working at the final stage.
(* The kernel memory leak is NOT happening with every HAW-E 2017-R2 Rev.A. Its possibility is inconsistent depending on various factors/situations)


  1. a) Windows OS shows a warning message saying "Your computer is low on memory"
  2. b) HAW-E server looks working, but it is actually inoperable (frozen)
  3. c) HAW-E server unexpectedly reboots automatically


Wrong memory management code in the RAID status management module of HAW-E version 2017-R2 Rev.A.


Please apply this hotfix HE002206014 to fix the kernel memory leak problem.
[Note] A version name of your HAW-EIBU after installing this hotfix is "2017-R2 Rev.C".

Download link for the hotfix HE002206014 Installer and Instructions

Hotfix HE002206014 Installer and Instructions