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Network Video Management System

Article number: 000003216
Product: Network Video Management System Enterprise Edition 2016-R3
Type: Software issue
Version: 2
First published: 04/27/2017
Last modified: 05/05/2017

Datacollector memory leaks


The datacollector leaks memory


The datacollector service leaks memory over time.


On some systems we have found that the windows inbuilt garbage collection does not function correctly and causes a memory leak to occur.
Fixes are available for the below version:

Network Video Management System Enterprise Edition 2016-R3

Steps to apply the hotfix

  1. Stop the DataCollector Service
  2. Create a backup of the VideoOS.DataCollector.Service.exe located in C:\Program Files\Sony\- Network VMS Data Collector Server
  3. Replace the VideoOS.DataCollector.Service.exe with the hotfixed one
  4. Set the Page file size to Automatic (optional but recommended) - Restart may be required
  5. Start the DataCollector Service


Download link

The hotfix download link is not published. Contact your local dealer for more support.