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Technology - ATRAC3plus

ATRAC3plus Technology

ATRAC3plus represents a further enhancement of ATRAC3, featuring a new algorithm for even more precise sound signal analysis. This enables the technology to compress CD data to approximately 1/20 its original size with almost no loss of sound quality.

Main Features

1. Analyzes sound characteristics in sixteen bands

ATRAC3 divides the sound signal into four bands to analyze sound characteristics. ATRAC3plus divides the signal into 16 bands, enabling an even more precise analysis.  ATRAC3plus also uses longer analysis window than ATRAC3 to convert signals into frequency data, resulting in finer frequency resolution and allowing the technology to analyze the sound signals more precisely than ATRAC3.

Analyzes sound characteristics in sixteen bands

2. Uses more rules to replace digital patterns

ATRAC3plus replaces patterns in the digital signal just like ATRAC3, but uses more rules for substitution to enable it to cover a wider variety of patterns.  This technique has increased the rate of compression.

Replaced patterns Rule
Digital Signal Type1
Digital Signal Type2