Chronicle History of Sony Design

1946 Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (Sony) established.
1951 Design consultants brought in.
1954 Employment of designers began.
1958 Good Design Award given for the first time to Sony for its TR-610 radio.
1961 Design Group established.
Received the Mainichi Sangyo Design Award.
1968 First design center in the United States established in New York.
1977 Sony's ICF-7500 radio received the Good Design Award, 20th Anniversary Prize of Minister of Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
1980 First design center in Europe established in Stuttgart.
1981 Sony International Logotype Contest held.
1982 Sony Design Exhibition held at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.
1989 Sony's video camera CCD-TR55 Handycam received the Good Design Award, Grand Prize.
Sony International Student Design Competition held.
1990 TDN (Tokyo Design Network) inaugurated with Sony becoming a member.
1991 Design Center established in London.
1993 Design Center established in Singapore.
"Sony Design" (Asahi Sonorama Ltd.) published.
1997 Design Room reorganized and changed to Creative Center.
1998 Sony Digital Design Corporation established.
1999 Sony's AIBO ERS-111 entertainment robot received the Good Design Award, Grand Prize.
"Digital Dream" (AXIS) published.
2000 Received the red dot Design Team of the Year Award.
AXIS Sony Design Prototype Exhibition held.
2001 Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, Creative Design Center established.
Participated in the Internet Fair 2001 Japan.
2002 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Corporate Design Center established.
2005 Design Center established in Los Angeles.
Shanghai Creative Center established.