Xperia™ T/TX/V/J
VAIO® Tap 20

Front to back, dual design languages


Jensfelt:This time, instead of distinct styles for each model, we provide the same user experience and satisfy the same values through arc form across the entire Xperia™ range.

What clearly sets the new models apart from first-generation Xperia™ arc form is the generous screen in a compact body. Each model also feels just the right size and offers its own special enhancements, such as water resistance. The question was how to keep the elegant arc form while ensuring a good match between these internal and external features. It proved very challenging to reconcile such diverse functionality with iconic arc design.

To provide the best screen experience, which we view as paramount, we use one design language in reference to the area around the screen on front, and another for the back. The precision evident on front, where we sought a feeling of solidity and tension, contrasts with the softness on back, which is designed to feel comfortable in your hand.

Xperia™ V

Xperia™ V

Xperia™ VC

Xperia™ VC


Waldner:This emphasis on the screen was the same as Xperia™ arc. After all, the screen is the window to all interaction. But this time, nothing at all stands between you and the content you'll want to enjoy on the pure black panel of the screen. There are no physical buttons or decorative elements at all on front. The back is quite different. Textures formed by the casual curves and matte finish make the phone comfortable and easy to hold. These were key features to us in new Xperia™ phones, which provide a superior user experience while feeling very comfortable in your hand.

But ideally, you'll only notice the physical features initially, and once you're using it, the hardware will gradually fade from your attention. It's like reading a book. You pick up a book that looks intriguing, but once you begin reading and lose yourself in the story, you forget that you're holding it. To give you this kind of immersive experience, in design we focus on the steps between picking up a phone and using it, which I think is really what Xperia™ is all about.

Universally alluring colors and materials

Xperia™ J

Xperia™ J


Kanada:The elegant arc form is accentuated not only by body styling that recalls the contrasting qualities of precision and softness but also by colors and materials representing these concepts. The two design languages helped us choose colors and a level of glossiness that showcase the screen, as well as textures that make the back surface feel great in your hand.

Although first-generation Xperia™ arc was enhanced by a thick frame and shading, this time a contemporary, highly textured matte finish accentuates the arc and makes the phones seem even more advanced. The taut-looking front and soft back are joined by a fine metallic frame, which clearly delineates the different styling.

Suzuki:The phones are available in black and white around the world. Other options, such as pink, vary by region. But to avoid colors that would only be appreciated in those areas, we established a color framework reflecting our overall themes and guidelines. For example, the pink is a neutral shade that appeals to men, women, and people of all ages. We kept the same goals in mind for all color options, so they'll be admired everywhere.

Kanada:Through collaboration by a global team, we determined color and material design concepts and strategies, drawing on trend market research. In the end, though, each designer at our regional offices worked hard to decide the color options. As we considered the world Xperia™ offers and the positioning of each model, we investigated several color options, conducting as many tests as possible. Taking the time to ensure the perfect finish can certainly make products look more polished, so we're unwilling to compromise. It's all for that first moment, when you pick up an Xperia™ and it makes a great impression.

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