Xperia™ Z/Xperia™ Tablet Z
Xperia™ Z/Xperia™ Tablet Z

UI design in tune with your lifestyle


Akiyama: New Xperia™ phones and tablets utilize the same UI platform. From past models, regarding Media consumption apps such as Walkman, Album and Movie, we think that providing users with an immersive experience has been very important, so in the UI, we put the contents in front, and in contrast, made the background dark. Recently, however, the range of smartphone users has diversified from the usual set of business people to include young women and others. Lighter and gentler expressions seem to be accepted. For this model, we refined daily tool apps such as the calendar, email and so on, to lighten the interface, which we believe is good for legibility.

The startup screen is also new in these models to promote the "One Sony" story. In the Sony Ericsson era, we could have simply updated the "cosmic flow" theme, which is blue graphics, but this time, we thought we should consider the situation in which VAIO® computers and BRAVIA televisions will use the same theme one day. We thought we should create an image to project a unified Sony, and at same time set the right tone for the Xperia™ brand, so designing the graphics this time required great effort.

The startup graphics were inspired by parametricism, a concept from architecture and other creative disciplines. On a practical level, we created organic curves and shapes from computer algorithms and then incorporated key Sony concepts like "Experience Color," which is defined as the color by experience, for example "Listen" and "Watch." As a result, we created organic, flowing graphics.

Xperia™ Z/Xperia™ Tablet Z Xperia™ Z/Xperia™ Tablet Z

We also developed a full set of new icons for the crisp HD screens. Still, we realized that drastic changing icon design might actually confuse some users. To maintain the same metaphor and intuitive interactivity and afford the same fun and convenience, we enhanced the level of detail.

Never before could we take advantage of a generous 5 " screen on Xperia™ phones. In the UI, we hint at the superior viewing experience in store through translucent borders on the black status and navigation bars, which make the screen look even bigger. Hardware and software design continue to be closely linked for us, and our many refinements this time offer a more coordinated Xperia™ experience.

Losing directionality to gain freedom

Xperia™ Z/Xperia™ Tablet Z

Suzuki: The new Xperia™ Z is not a rejection of past design. It's the destination where all of these refinements have led. In the design and engineering, what you see is what you get. There's no smoke and mirrors when a product takes the form of a simple, exquisite plate. That's why we lavished all of our best technology on it. As a high-end model full of impressive specs, it's a very worthy competitor among premium phones.

Hibi: In the Xperia™ Z, OmniBalance design helped us move past directionality to offer a phone with greater freedom. I think that one day we should take user freedom to even greater heights, when we move past traditional concepts of usability. Ideally, people will forget they're using any device at all, as they interact directly with content or information. At that point, perhaps people and communication will also be more natural than ever. To me, that's where advances in smartphones are taking us.

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