Feature Design WALKMAN X Series
Feature Design WALKMAN X Series

The excitement of discovering new content

Asai: One new feature exclusively in the X series is Related Links. This is an original feature developed by Sony, supporting searches on a video-sharing site and search engine.

Suppose you're listening to a particular track. Press the button on the user interface, and the artist name, album name, or track name will be automatically applied to the search screen. Without entering anything, you can instantly find out more about it online. It's an easy way to explore content.

Until now, you'd have to go to your computer and manually search whenever you wanted to learn more about content. Search from your mobile phone, and you'd still need to enter keywords. But because this is inconvenient, I'm sure it has discouraged many of us from finding more information. And that's unfortunate, because we miss the chance to discover new content. The link button on X series players eliminates this problem. It introduces you to new content and encourages discovery.

In fact, this feature emerged from a designer-initiated study some time ago. We looked into touch-panel usability, network features, and other possibilities. We had always wanted to implement it. It's a perfect match for the latest technology in the X series.

No stopping WALKMAN® innovation

Shimizu: To me, WALKMAN® players are simply tools for enjoying music. They meet a familiar need, yet it's difficult to design the perfect player. If there's anything even slightly distracting, anything that affects audio quality, a player just doesn't meet our expectations of the WALKMAN® name. From my own experience with the X series, I'm convinced that we cleared this hurdle easily.

Shiono: The WALKMAN® line will keep evolving, over time. We will continue to introduce players designed especially for listening, and players that reinterpret the listening experience. There are many possibilities in store. Still, I hope the Walkman design DNA never changes. It should always be amazing and exciting to enjoy listening to what you want to hear, whenever and wherever you want to hear it—and that's something Sony pioneered in outdoor listening. The exceptional sound and image quality only available from an audio-visual electronics manufacturer. The X series introduces wireless networking features, but it remains a reassuring example of these traditional WALKMAN® ideals.

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