WALKMAN® NWD-W270 series
WALKMAN® NWD-W270 series

Colors that fit the strength of athletes, invigorating sports


Kawai:WALKMAN® colors are revisited from year to year, as we decide our color plans in general, but we questioned whether the color options for this special model should be bound by those strategies. This led us to take a fresh look at how to accentuate their compelling, fitness-minded features through their colors.

This is a player you can swim with. Colors reminiscent of coral reefs, tropical fish, orcas, or other sea life would be fitting. Besides these, other outdoors colors you might see on a hike would not be out of place. We explored a spectrum of options, including colors from nature—water, the sky, the sun, greenery, and so on—as well as soothing hues that resonate with water's therapeutic properties. But as you might expect, we decided to convey the theme of fitness directly. Black calls to mind athletic speed and strength. The fresh white is like light sportswear. The blue suits swimmers well, and the pink recalls the dazzling performances of synchronized swimmers. We insisted on a vibrant, aquatic blue, suggestive of how exhilarated and refreshed you might feel after swimming.

WALKMAN® NWD-W270 series

We narrowed down the body colors to black and white. This simplifies the color options to basic black and white, offset by blue or pink bands, if you prefer. For me, it was a challenge to see how distinctive we could make each option, just by using bands of different colors. The W series is mainly for jogging, exercise, and other fitness activities, so the power of black and the freshness of white seemed fitting for the base colors. Blue and pink accents are a good way to add fun through emotive notes.

*Color options in Japan are limited to black, white, and blue.

WALKMAN® NWD-W270 series

Packaging that captures the action


Matsuda:Fit is very important in the W series, so our starting point in packaging design was a desire to show people how you wear them. Packaging for models sold outside of Japan often shows a front view, and they look great from that angle. This time, we took advantage of space in the packaging to show the elegant lines and curves—even the earbuds that fit in your ears. To do it, we created and tested several mock-ups.

At first, we thought gourd-shaped packaging might be cute, but we decided that it wouldn't fit the stylish, sporty image well, so we made the bottom more tapered. Round packaging is a clever way to show products from many angles, but another reason for the tapered bottom was to give the top part more volume, to make the product more prominent. Your gaze naturally settles there. We also worked with engineering to make the fasteners inside the packaging as small and discreet as possible, to showcase the product.

In each color, the packaging fully captures the energy and dynamism of sports. We chose background colors with impact. Not only does the product stand out in the packaging, the packaging stands out in stores.

WALKMAN® NWD-W270 series

*Packaging for international models is shown here. Different packaging is used in Japan.

WALKMAN® design that knows no bounds

WALKMAN® NWD-W270 series

Iijima:Never before have you been able to enjoy music in the water as you can with the W series, and you'll be pleased to discover what a nice listening environment it is. The sense of floating makes it even more relaxing, and you may wish you could stay and listen forever, if only you could breathe under water. Don't miss a chance to try listening to music this way.

We want the WALKMAN® W series to continue giving fitness enthusiasts a jolt of energy in this category of audio player. One way or another, we'll be pushing the boundaries so you can listen in more demanding environments, or enjoy music of even higher quality. Who knows, maybe space is the final frontier. We're committed to creating new listening experiences, through groundbreaking WALKMAN® players and unmatched innovation.

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