Feature Design WALKMAN® S Series

It takes a strong will to bring quintessential Sony designs to life

Feature Design WALKMAN® S Series

Morisawa: I was also full of admiration for the energy of the engineers. From the beginning, the engineering was taken into account when we were designing the NW-S700F/S600. But we had no specific solutions as to how to fit the internal structure into such a curved shape. It was then that the engineers drew contours with the optimum circuit thickness in each location: up to 1 mm in one place, an extra 0.8 mm in another, and a further 0.5 mm in another. In this manner, a design was created that exactly fitted the required parts. You would be surprised if you saw the internal circuitry. Many of the parts have had their height slightly changed to create a curved surface that is the same shape as the cover.

We also frequently use the terms "quintessentially Sony" or "not quintessentially Sony." However, it is difficult to put into words what exactly this means. But lately, I have come to think of it as having a "strong desire," or to put it another way, to have "human creativity." To come up with a design that imbues the product with a unique spirit, the engineers as well as the designers must have a strong idea of what they want. I believe that the S series is a result of just such a creative environment.

Indispensable designs for any age

Kazuo Ichikawa

Ichikawa: Look at the stick shape and waterproof structure of the sports model and the circuit design of the NW-S700F/S600 series: If the only consideration was to provide the appropriate functions, our innovative designs would not have been required and the engineers would not have needed to put in so much effort. But when designing Sony products, we do not just blindly follow the product plan. If we feel something is out of place, we say so. When we think that something can be corrected, or that there is better way of doing something, we can communicate this not just in words but by developing a design that achieves a standard beyond anything first envisioned.

This is why both the design and engineering are so challenging. But it is also why we try so hard. We have pride in the WALKMAN® brand. We are determined to create a breathtaking product, and we believe that this is what users also want and expect of WALKMAN®.

Technology will continue to evolve, no doubt leading to memory-type portable players with far greater capacities. New products with even more attractive functions might appear. But no matter the age or the technology, the Sony WALKMAN® will always be indispensable. Even after upgrading to new models, users will always want to keep their WALKMAN® portable audio players. Our desire is to continue to make these kinds of products. If our customers can sense our passion from the S series, we will have achieved our goal.

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