Feature Design "Cyber-shot"DSC-W300
Feature Design "Cyber-shot"DSC-W300

Wrapped up in a titanium coating, an inimitable feat

Ishii: The body is constructed of light and very sturdy stainless steel, further protected by a titanium coating—a concept our engineers were eager to propose. You get surprisingly solid surfaces this way, but they would be a magnet for fingerprints unless you refine the design a little more.

Takagi: Magnify a cross-section of the titanium layer, and you'd see microscopic ripples in the surface. The tiny indentations are where oil and residue from your fingers might adhere, leaving prints that would be hard to wipe away. To prevent this, we filled in the indentations with just the right amount of a clear, anti-fingerprint coating, which eliminates this problem. It's easy enough to describe, but this solution is the culmination of significant expertise. Merely applying a resin to prevent fingerprints would leave it susceptible to scratching and defeat the purpose of the titanium coating. I've never seen another example of this coating technique.

Ishii: The attractive body color is also thanks to hard work by our engineers. With this titanium coating, it was hard to bring out exactly the color we sought. An early titanium-coated sample looked like the battered deck of an old armored vehicle—not quite something we could use. Our engineers rose to the challenge, committed to doing whatever it took to polish it up. You can see the results for yourself: the bluish-black titanium coating of the DSC-W300 matches the slightly blue-tinged zirconia lens ring nicely. Pick up this "Cyber-shot" and you'll see the pleasant interplay of the colors of these different materials yourself.

The goal: toughness alloyed with a delicate touch

Noriaki Takagi

Takagi: This is one camera that resists both scratches and prints, thanks to the titanium and anti-fingerprint coatings. But with these finishes, we faced the problem that text and symbols printed on the body rubbed off too easily. For this reason, we laser engraved all text on the camera.

The Sony and "Cyber-shot" logos are diamond cut. If you try to grind into hard, titanium-coated stainless steel, most cutter blades just don't survive it. Blades designed to grind 800 panels were dull after just five, during our trial run. Here, too, our engineers came through for us after much hard work.

Lens barrel edges and the bayonet for mounting conversion lenses are also diamond cut. From the front, the DSC-W300 is unmistakably a camera, just as Daisuke had imagined it. But its serious appearance is nicely balanced by the eye-catching, elegant touches we were careful to add. We hope it proves to be another popular W series model, so it has to look great in women's slender and graceful fingers, too.

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