Feature Design VAIO P Series
Feature Design VAIO P Series

Years of ideas launched in a single product

Iriya: In this project, we also customized the desktop wallpaper to match the body colors. The version for a particular body color comes preinstalled. They're stylish and feel more substantial than regular VAIO wallpaper. The decision flies in the face of convention, though. Manufacturers usually install the same wallpaper to streamline production, and brighter graphics tend to look better in stores. But we were encouraged by the strength of the product itself and our unspoken agreement about our customers' eye for beauty.

The VAIO P Series is also special because it introduces many ideas we have been studying for years. One example is side-by-side windows. To view two open windows at the same time, just press a dedicated button to tile them on the left and right. The screen is 8 inches wide but its high resolution (1680 768 dots) presents a fair view of both windows at once. You can take advantage of this when referring to a webpage on one side while writing in a file on the other.

There's another button just for accessing the xross media bar"!,. Even when the full operating system is not running, you can access music, photos, video, and the Internet. Instant Mode is also found in previous VAIO computers. Not only is it convenient on the VAIO P Series, it offers a more consistent view of media when you take the little notebook to your living room, where a Sony TV or other products have the same interface. These features have great potential to make the VAIO P Series much easier to use, as an ultraportable.

Feature Design VAIO P Series

Only the beginning of the story, for fashion-minded owners

Feature Design VAIO P Series

Iida: In this project, we were busier than ever exploring notebook fashion accessories. We designed a full range of cases in particular. Besides traditional leather cases, there's a gold-colored leather case, a leather cover, and nylon pouches. Applying leatherworking techniques to work with this material took some effort, but we created several attractive cases. They caught everyone's eye in our department.

In fact, we were exploring accessories even before the appearance of the notebook was finalized. Our brainstorming sessions involved women who were heavy notebook users. Men inevitably tend to be more biased toward technical specs, such as the memory or battery capacity. But for the women in our groups, getting a new possession is only the beginning of the process of personalization. Get a new mobile phone, and you can get a new strap to go with it. Another possession, another chance to put your own signature on it.

We gleaned valuable insight from these meetings, and we applied the knowledge to create several non-commercial sample cases. The cases were individually crafted by experts to explore style. We used exotic material (such as crocodile and rabbit leather) and a little finesse to fashion clutches, shoulder bags, and other accessories. They were so impressive that the managing editor of a magazine covering development pleaded with us to let him purchase one, at any cost. It reminded me how powerful desire for the finer things or things that express your individuality can be.

Ogasawara: The VAIO P Series is a new landmark in the ultraportable scene. Designers and engineers in several fields collaborated from an early stage in development, reaching beyond the boundaries of any single field to create a highly polished product. It's an excellent example of Sony style and traditions. In fact, that's just how we introduced the legendary VAIO 505, which heralded the age of truly mobile computers. Although the market is crowded with products using efficient, next-generation processors, we're confident that design sets the VAIO P Series apart.

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