Feature Design VAIO P Series
Feature Design VAIO P Series

A showcase of refined aesthetics

Takuma: Aesthetically, we wanted to set a new standard in design for ultraportables. It's minimalistic design, ultimately natural and backed by decisions that seem inevitable for such a tool. In this respect, it's like a fine fountain pen.

The seamless, smooth top cover seemed fitting. But at the same time, we had to combine different materials: a magnesium alloy to ensure durability and plastic surfaces for better wireless LAN reception. This called for difficult fabrication, combining two materials with different manufacturing properties. On the bottom cover as well, we took care to conceal screws and vents. It's something already done on mobile phones, so there was no excuse not to try it on computers.

Notice when you pick up the product yourself that we've also moved stickers of authenticity out of the way. You know, those stickers ensuring you it's a genuine version of the operating system or processor. We're usually under considerable pressure to put these in a prominent position. But in the VAIO P Series, they're in the battery compartment, which is essentially out of sight.

From any angle, the VAIO P Series looks perfectly natural. Nothing sticks out, grabbing your attention. But behind the scenes, it took a lot of effort to achieve this—extra care by our designers and engineers, persistent negotiation with business partners, and so on.

Unearthing colors that excite discerning consumers

Feature Design VAIO P Series

Akita: Potential owners of VAIO P Series models probably recognize beauty and know a good thing when they see it. They value the subtle gleam of authenticity, something essential that took time to create. With this in mind, I found inspiration for the body colors in ores and valuable minerals. White, red, green, and black (the last from Sony Style). That's the four-color palette we used for the VAIO P Series.

Each is simple, but far from bland. Why do valuable minerals capture and hold our attention? The coloring, depth, and luster changes subtly with the light or viewing angle. This play of colors inspired the expressive tones of the VAIO P Series, which reveal a variety of appearances and will earn a place in their owners' hearts. All surfaces look presentable, and it seems as solid as an ingot. For these design qualities, we managed to create glossy surfaces both in front and back.

That was much easier said than done. The VAIO P Series top cover is made of different materials than the bottom cover. Different materials call for different coatings and manufacturing processes, and we must work with different business partners. It's no easy task to have matching colors. Again and again, we checked the prototypes and adjusted the hues. Even apparently trivial tasks took a lot of time and effort.

After this, we coordinated the colors of the bezel and stick pointer with the body color. These little details show our regard for VAIO owners. As you see the VAIO P Series in various lighting conditions, I know you'll appreciate it.

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