Feature Design VAIO P Series
Feature Design VAIO P Series

The perfect traveling companion: custom cases

Tanaka:Once we had decided on the appearance of the new P Series, we turned our attention to custom cases. Plain old gray cases or pouches wouldn't fit the image of the P Series at all, so we designed special accessory kits. They're made of silicone, which complements the matte finish of the body nicely. These are the first “VAIO” kits to include molded cases and straps.

The straps are a reassuring addition, considering mobile needs. But first we had to deal with strict structural requirements that prevented us from opening a hole in the case, for threading the strap. We almost gave up on this accessory, but we can thank our persistent engineers for the solution you see today.

For greater convenience, the cases have no fasteners. It's easy to put the unit away or take it out. The way these sleek cases fit snugly around the body may remind you of competitive swimwear. You can enjoy coordinating the case color with the body color, which is visible through holes along one edge of the case. In fact, these holes also provide ventilation and keep the case quiet when the unit is removed. The cases are molded, but these holes are created by hand. It's an accessory that took a surprising amount of effort to create, and we hope you enjoy this traveling companion for the “VAIO” P Series.

Anticipating emerging trends

Tsuge: Through the years, “VAIO” computers have always introduced something new and special to the market. Glossy finishes were one example. Gleaming, rich colors are only possible with time and effort, as each layer from the base coat to the top coat is carefully polished. Alternatively, a fabrication technique called in-mold decoration (IMD) has become popular in recent years. Decorative film applied during the molding process provides a cheaper way to achieve a glossy finish. That's one reason why glossy mobile electronics are now so popular.

Still, rich colors are not possible through regular IMD fabrication, and under some conditions, the film tears, creating wrinkles on product surfaces. The technique also imposes some limitations in design. Computers produced this way all tend to have the same, sagging appearance.

In contrast, the vivid spirit and appearance of “VAIO” models represents our ideal of refusing to be followers. In ultraportables such as the P Series, it makes a big difference when products project an image people don't mind showing others. We want to give people options that are "vivid" in color, shape, functionality, and sense of presence. The new P Series symbolizes our approach in the next phase of “VAIO” mobile development very well. We hope many people enjoy using these decidedly different computers as their main machine, no matter where they are.

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