Feature Design USB Memory "POCKETBIT" USM-L/LX series
Feature Design USB Memory "POCKETBIT" USM-L/LX series

Working against strict limitations can stimulate designers

Deguchi: Throughout the Micro Vault design process, I wondered how we could refine this little product as a basic tool of the information age.

Genuine refinement was the goal. For example, the Micro Vault design identity has been defined by a round window, but changing the shape would only be a cosmetic change. Instead, through design, we sought greater convenience, in an ideal tool. The sliding format of the USM-J series and the new click mechanism represent my own answers, along these lines.

Osamu Sasago

Sasago: Looking back at my role in managing design work, I've tried to capture a sense of new discovery or innovation in the design of each new product . In this model we found some clear answers for usability and universal design. The advantages of the click mechanism are so obvious, we hardly need to describe them. I think such attention to detail in design, even down to the strap hole, is rare.

It's worth noting that the case of this model is made up of just three parts. In all respects—even the ribbing of the access indicator and the finish of the strap hole on the end—no special fabrication techniques are required. This means we can control production costs while reducing the environmental impact.

We mentioned the challenges in designing USB flash drives. Recalling previous models, I get the sense that the more we've reduced decorative aspects, the closer we've come to design as compelling as an inevitable conclusion. The series has evolved into a purer, ideal form as an industrial product. Despite formidable restrictions, I think we've come a long way in refining Micro Vault. Personally, I view the click mechanism as worthy of setting a standard for Sony.

Hiroki Oka,Michio Deguchi,Osamu Sasago

Oka: It's our mission, as industrial designers at a manufacturer such as Sony, to produce the maximum effect under accepted conditions and to create compelling products. Even if we face tough restrictions in cost or size, the design ideas you see in Sony products set them apart. Pick up a Micro Vault for yourself. You'll recognize the quality in how the click mechanism feels and how convenient it is, in ways you just can't appreciate from looking at it.

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