“nav-u” NV-U35
Feature Design “nav-u” NV-U35

A practical and clever cycling mode

Kouyama: I designed cycling mode, a new user interface in the navigation system. The scale in this mode switches to show what's 100 m ahead of you, which is perfect when you're moving at bicycle speed. And of course, the icon marking your current location is a cyclist. Switching between cycling and walking modes is done manually, so you know immediately what mode you're using.

A highlight of cycling mode is the built-in cycle computer functionality. Cyclists will recognize these features-current and average speed, distance traveled, and so on. In the NV-U35, they're presented in a way that encourages average people to enjoy riding for their health. After entering your weight, you'll know roughly how many calories you're burning, based on your distance and speed, which makes the unit a little like a personal trainer.

A playful touch is the built-in digital compass. You can view maps at the same time as the cycle computer, see the arrow indicating your route on the compass screen, and so on. It combines the basic features of a navigation system with the fun of a dedicated cycling mode.

By including such a complete cycling mode, we gave the NV-U35 three modes in all, for driving, cycling, and walking. This might lead you to think it's inconvenient to switch modes, but don't worry. A new on-screen navigation mode button makes it easy to access other modes. And when you mount the unit in the car cradle, it automatically switches to driving mode, so there's no need to worry about using it in the wrong mode.

The Nav-U journey continues to unfold

Matsuda: Three separate modes for driving, cycling, and walking that are equally easy to use-this sets the NV-U35 apart from other portable navigation systems. One obvious example of this is in how directions are provided. If you're on a bicycle, your most efficient route might include one-way streets. If you're on foot, you can choose from a range of other relevant search criteria: avoid rain by walking underground, use escalators or elevators whenever possible, and so on. The NV-U35 meets all of these needs. By design, it's a different experience from trying to take a car navigation system outside and use it on foot.

Hattori: In this sense, the NV-U35 stands out from the crowd of navigation systems as a unit with unmatched originality. In no way is it merely a more affordable version of models with larger screens, or a small-screen, entry-level navigation system.

It's the kind of product you suspected might be available somewhere, but in fact never was until now. Sure, some cycle computers have offered basic navigation, and there have been some navigation systems for touring cyclists, but none have expressed the essence of bicycle navigation so directly in a mainstream portable navigation system. The NV-U35 is no doubt the first of its kind. In fact, the vast majority of customers purchase the bicycle cradle together with their NV-U35, and that's exactly what we envisioned.

It's essentially a convenient product for exploring streets at your own pace, but more than this, we hoped that people would find time spent with the product satisfying. We imagined people driving to some suburban area, taking their bicycle down from a roof rack, and riding away in the fresh air. Leave your bike behind somewhere along the way for a hike, if you prefer. The only navigation device that could be your companion in this scenario is the NV-U35.

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