Feature Design High Definition "Handycam" HDR-TG1/TG3E
Feature Design High Definition "Handycam" HDR-TG1/TG3E

Packaging proclaims the brand image

Takeshi Ichimura

Ichimura: "Handycam"s are usually packaged in regular-shaped boxes, a bit more rectangular than cubic. This time, Takuya thought it would be fitting to have a special package for this special model, so we decided to develop a one-of-a kind package.

The first thing you notice is that it's slim, which reflects the svelte shape of the HDR-TG1/TG3E. We generally choose the right size and style considering a variety of factors, such as how manuals and accessories will be packaged and whether the boxes will be stacked on store shelves. In this case, photos show the HDR-TG1/TG3E at nearly actual size. Usually, we have a shot with the LCD panel open, but this time, we omitted it. We decided that showcasing the product at its most attractive would get the message across nicely enough.

Outer packaging is often full of information needed for product sales. But at the same time, I wanted owners to enjoy the experience of opening a new product Sony took great care to create. The result of my efforts is a black inner package. The manual and other printed matter are not merely tossed in, they're also packaged in a black case. If you could see our production sites, you would know that two workers are usually enough to package an ordinary "Handycam", from assembly of the inner package to final sealing. The HDR-TG1/TG3E package requires four or five workers just to assemble the inner package. After all this effort, it would be anticlimactic to put the unit in a plain white plastic bag, so we slip it into a customized dark gray cloth sack.

Everything has been orchestrated to thrill and delight owners when they unbox the unit. Sony packaging has always been designed to protect products and bring them safely to consumers. But that's something any shipping box can do. We wanted a package that leaves a memorable impression of the brand and product, both in stores and after unboxing, like a pleasant lingering scent. I think that at Sony, the time has come to view packaging as a medium for communication, and I'm pleased that the HDR-TG1/TG3E packaging fulfills this role.

When designers are free to design, their work is easy to appreciate

Takuya Niitsu,Noriaki Takagi,Takeshi Ichimura

Niitsu: The HDR-TG1/TG3E holds a special place in the history of "Handycam" at Sony. Inside as well, we've clearly developed and implemented advanced components that are not merely refinements. And for a product we've poured so much effort into, it was fitting that there were few budgetary restraints in the body design.

Great ideas count most when you're involved in this kind of project. If you're lulled into complacency by routine design work and usually don't have an awareness of how things could be improved, you may not be able to innovate when given the chance.

The HDR-TG1/TG3E is a product developed by people such as Noriaki, myself, and engineers who freely discuss what's on our mind every day. We faced some challenges along the way, but it all led to an appealingly simple design. If Sony design is shaped by talented individuals at thoughtful moments, it was probably demonstrated in this project. Seeing our diligent senior designers working by my side, I know I've inherited the DNA of Sony design.

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